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Kadlecik, Larry
Deceased 08/02

Kaelin, Diana
Las Vegas, NV

Married 19 years - 3 children - 2 grandchild.


Kile, Laurie
Peoria, AZ

Married John Broderick c/o '69. have 2 daughters Karen is a life flight trauma nurse and Angie is a 4th grade teacher  I was an  insurance administrator, now retired.


Kness, Carolee
Bonita, CA


Knight, Linda
Prescott, AZ

Kosmicki, George
Chula Vista, CA

Married to Paula Braga, '74.

Kowalski, Rieko
Chula Vista, CA

Married to Mike Harris (Class of '70), We made one daughter, Lisa (31) & one son Anthony (28) Currently divorced and looking for perfect candidate.

Labotz, Janet
Imperial Beach, CA


Lewis, Don
Vista, CA

Happily divorced and selling Toyotas in Carlsbad. 3 wonderful grand kids.

Lucero, Rodney
Minneapolis, MN

I am currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota where it gets cold in the winter. Everything is going fantastic for me. Hope it is for you too. Divorced in 1999. Four children. Eric, Lori, Brian, Jeffrrey.

Lyon, Virginia
Imperial Beach, CA

Happily married to Jim Lovell 12 years. I recently retired from civil service at North Island w/37 years service. Touring the country with my sweetheart in our RV. Life is wonderful!

Maize, Rose
Garfield, ARK


Mangold, Kathy
Arlington, TX

Have been living in TX for 8 years. Divorced, 2 Daughters and 2&1/5 grandchildren.

Massera, Karl
Kasilof, Alaska



Matthews, Jeannie


McArthur, Linda
Livingston, TX

Married - 2 children Steve 29 and Leslie 26, both living in Portland, OR area. Retired and travel full time in RV.

McCarron, Marylou
Seeley Lake, MT
My husband and I have just retired to the Rocky Mountains of Montana (July 2005). My parents still live in IB. And my daughter and son-in-law live in Carlsbad with my two grandchildren.

McGraw, Elsie
Oceanside, CA
Oscar (67) and I have been married for 46 years, have two sons - Ryan 44, Travis 38, and 5 grandchildren - ALL Ryan's.  We moved to Bonita about 6 yrs ago and are enjoying our "Bucket Lists" now that Oscar has retired.

McGreevy, Kevin
Atlanta, GA

McLaughlin, Jane
Chula Vista, CA
Divorced, and happy.........

Mendoza, Robert
Los Alamos, CA


Meyers, Freda
San Diego, CA
I'm a supervisor for Rite Aid Drugs. I have three children, two who have already graduated from MVHS Angela in 2002 and Stephen in 2004. I have one more girl who's just starting as a freshman in high school.

Miley, Brenda

Miller, Janet
San Diego & Maui, CA/HI


Mitchell, Tony
Chula Vista, CA


Montez, Jenny
Imperial Beach, CA

Mustard, Cathy
Imperial Beach, CA

I have moved back to IB to care for my parents in the house I grew up in! I have 
been back over a year and IB sure is looking good!

Neal, Chip
San Diego, CA

Married to Rada.

O'Brien, William
Marysville, WA



O'Gara, Brenda
Edwardsville, IL


Oswald, Donald
Charleston, SC
I retired from the Navy in December 1994 and moved back to Charleston, SC where I met my wife. We've been married for 35 years. We have two sons, Matthew and Nate who both live in the Charleston area. I retired from my civilian career in October 2017, only to come out of retirement in March 2018 to work on a short term hurricane recovery project in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Looking forward to traveling the country when my wife retires at the end on 2018.

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