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Dominguez, Adriana
Imperial Beach, CA
Divorced  mother of six sons, Mike 17, Ryner 16, Zachary 11, Stevie Ray 7, Robert 6, and David 5. Employed by Pacific Bell as a manager 23 years 



Doubleday, Mark
El Cajon, CA


Douthitt, John
Escondido, CA



Dymock, Karon
Mount Pleasant, MI
I went to Chula vista high school from '75 to '77. I also went to Mar Vista high school for summer school in '75 & '76.



Elrod, Mark
Imperial Beach, CA



Ferguson, David
Chula Vista, CA


Fisher, Cindy
Imperial Beach, CA


Garcia, Kenny
San Diego, CA

Gaytan, Lisa
Imperial Beach, CA
I have been married for 16 years. My husbands name is Greg. He had a daughter as a teenager. She is married and has two boys and a girl on the way. Our son Steven is 15 and our daughter, Rachel is 11.


Gaytan, Robert

Robert passed away, 2001. The Email Address is his sisters.


Golden, Isabelle
Citrus Springs, FL

I am married to Ron Hipner now for 22 years I have two girls Tricia 30 and Cathy 29 who gave me two wonderful grandsons Aiden 8 Mason 3. I now live in Florida 6 months and Calif. 6 months out of the year. I gotta have my Calif. fix


Gutierrez, Andy
San Francisco, CA

I've been living in the San Francisco bay area since 1981 after one tour in the U.S. Air Force. Stationed in Turkey during the Iran crisis.  Married  June of 1987.  Two great daughters. Oldest born in 1990 and the youngest in 1993


Hall, Virginia
San Diego, CA


Hansen, Jim

Hernandez, Salvador
Imperial Beach, CA
Currently working for Naval Medical Center San Diego as a
Management Analyst.


Hetrick, Joan
Bremen, ME
I am married to Eric, have a 5 year old adopted dgtr Ireland, and currently 3 foster kids 17 yo boy and fraternal 12 yo girls. I was widowed in 2005, Charles Frum. 


Heyden, David Deceased 8/13/2014


Hickey, Lora
Mt. Lake Terrace, WA


Hughes, Mari Jo
Chula Vista, CA


Jaffe, Sam
San Diego, CA

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