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Jul, 1 2005 through Dec, 31 2005

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Ron Wheeler/1986 |
Married to Shelley (Green) from class of 1987. Two teen-agers, Coral (16) & Austin (13). Still serving in the Air Force as a B-52 Instructor Radar Navigatior/Weapons Officer.
Saturday December 31, 2005 13:50 - Bossier City, LA

Eva Davalos 1996 |
I am looking for Rick Almeraz class of 1993. If someone knows something about him please let me know. Also let me know if you have seen him. Thank you.
Friday December 30, 2005 18:19 - Imperial Beach, CA

Sharie Reynolds C/O 98 |
Crystal you can try contacting Brians wife, Bernadette Smith. She is listed in the class of 97 section. Hope that helps.
Friday December 30, 2005 08:43 - Hershey, PA

Thursday December 29, 2005 18:52 - DES MOINES,IOWA

Monica Islas (Griffin) C/O '99 |
Hello! Hope everything is going alright for everyone. Last night my husband Kevin and I just found out that we are going to be parents. Hooray! If anyone knows me from high school, please e-mail me and we can catch up. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thursday December 29, 2005 16:25 - El Cajon, CA

Enrique Corona |
Want to wish a happy new year to all the Mariners especially to the class of 91!!
Thursday December 29, 2005 13:38 - San Ysidro

Michelle Lawanas (Carmona) 89 |
Living in Santee with 2 kids Alex& Allisa,married 10yrs to Raul.Still make the drive to IB to eat @Jalisco's
Thursday December 29, 2005 01:08 - Santee/CA

Crystal Cornwall (Powers) '95 |
I just saw that Brian Brown, c/o 95, has passed. Does anyone have any information on what happened, or where his mother is?
Wednesday December 28, 2005 11:29 - DeSoto, TX

Roslynn Flores Class of 2000 |
Hey Everyone! Just found this page so I am writing to say hi since I haven't really seen any of you since we graduated. Feel free to email me!
Tuesday December 27, 2005 14:32 - San Diego, CA

Jorge Barajas Jr, 96 |
Have a fun and safe New Year.
Sunday December 25, 2005 23:00 - San Diego, CA

Michael E. Powers 1979 |
Wishing everyone a very Merry X-mas, and an outrageous New Year. Don't drink and drive.
Friday December 23, 2005 21:22 - Arkansas City, KS.

Ginny Lyon (Lovell) Class of 70
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Married to Jim Lovell, Class of 69. 34 years at North Island. Life could not be better!
Friday December 23, 2005 02:43

To all of class of "61" Merry Christmas & Safe New Year.
Thursday December 22, 2005 11:23

Claudia Peterson C/O of 94 |
Hello, everyone!!! Trying to locate Aaron Hurd C/O 93. If, anyone seen or heard from him, please let me know.
Tuesday December 20, 2005 18:32 - San Diego, CA

Angela Brown 1990 |
Still stuck in I.B
Tuesday December 20, 2005 11:30 - Imperial Beach

Ana Lopez 96 |
Class of '96 Rules!!!
Monday December 19, 2005 23:58 - Imperial Beach, CA

Dale Wilbur Class of 1974 |
I just wanted to wish ALL Mariners ---A Merry Christmas!!! Mariners Rule!!!
Monday December 19, 2005 22:41 - San Diego, CA

Darren Kapule, '96 |
If only I new about this website. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and just wanted to say to all those who've known me, what's up?!
Saturday December 17, 2005 21:29 - Phoenix, AZ

vic martinez, '64 |
Wishing all MV alum a very Merry Christmas! Still living in Eugene,OR.Live on the first fairway at Oakway Golf Course. Guess what I do a lot of? Retired on VA disability. They think I'm a little crazy. They may be right. Clean and sober and loving it.
Saturday December 17, 2005 16:01 - Eugene, OR

Aide Aguilar 96 |
What's Up Mariner's!!!! It's been a long time. Missed you all so much. Calling out all Mariners who want to help coordinate our 10 year reunion. No updates in the reunion webpage so time to take charge. Hope to hear from you soon. Class of 96!
Saturday December 17, 2005 12:19 - San Diego

Valerie Berdeski (Robinson) '78 |
How time goes by. I have 6 children, James, Shane, Chase, Dean-0, Rose, Robert. Their ages range from 24 years all the way to 21 months. I guess I could say I love being a MOM.

My 2nd Child, Shane Eric Patton, Navy Seal, Was Killed June 28th 2005 in Afghanistan when he and his platoon were flying in a Helo to save their buddies, their Helo was hit by a shoulder launched rocket. I never dreamed I would be the mother of a US War Hero. In High School, History class, we learned about all the previous wars and the young men who died in them. I remember visiting Gettysburg in 1981, and the battle fields there where so many young Americans died for feedom. My son Shane would be born the following year in 1982. I never thought "I" would be the mother of a fallen Hero.

A Mothers Love Never Dies, It Lives On Forever.

: ) Valerie - Mar Vista High
Saturday December 17, 2005 09:19 - Poway, CA

Miriam Duran (Montes) '87 |
Happy Holidays! Wishing You a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
Friday December 16, 2005 19:12 - Chula Vista

Thursday December 15, 2005 22:41

Danny Dorsey, 64
please change adress to
Thursday December 15, 2005 21:56

Diana De León (Stoker) 89 |
Hello everyone.wishing you all Happy Holidays!
Wednesday December 14, 2005 22:36 - Chula Vista

Sandra L. Jones '68 |
Please update my email address on the website!
Wednesday December 14, 2005 19:22 - The Woodlands, TX

Crystal Kapule Nem C/O 97 |
Im sorry, I messed up on my previous posting. I am unhappily living in Arizona but happily married with 5 children and 1 on the way :)I have 3 sons Henry-7, Loeun Nem, Jr-1 and my baby Angel that was born on March 9, 2002 and entered into heaven May 13th 2003. He was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Felony Child Abuse by my ex who is only serving 9 years. I have been through hell and back and Im hoping that any of my friends from high school will keep in touch. I am not too happy in AZ so anyone that would like to email or chat you know where to find me. Take care.
Wednesday December 14, 2005 08:41 - Phoenix, AZ

Don Dominguez 1983 |
Tuesday December 13, 2005 21:19

Victor Hiles
Teaching art in Arizona at local JC. Still visit family in IB. Great to see everyone again at the reunion. Single again, two grown sons, and enjoying life in Cornville, AZ.
Tuesday December 13, 2005 20:51 - POB 951 Cornville, Arizona 86325

Kenny Closs, '01 |
I just wanted to say hi to all my old friends send me a message some time.
Tuesday December 13, 2005 19:32 - traveling

Matthew Clayton 1983 |
Working as a teacher at Alisal High School. Married with two beautiful daughters.
Tuesday December 13, 2005 19:31 - Salinas, CA

Shannon Wiseley -Wilson 1987 |
Wow- I am truly saddened by the amount of old friends in the Mar Vista obituaries. To those still alive, I hope all is going well.
Tuesday December 13, 2005 15:58 - Lakeside, California

Michael Powers 1979 |
Looking to hear from any old classmates that might remember me. Drop me a line when you get a chance, i'd like to hear from you. Take it slow.
Monday December 12, 2005 21:19 - Arkansas City, KS.

Jeanette Whittaker, '95. |
Keep in touch.
Monday December 12, 2005 13:14 - Bakersfield, Ca


Crystal Kapule Nem c/o 1997 |
Hey everyone. If any of my dear and closest friends see this. I am unhappily living in Arizona for the past 6 months with 6 kids. 3 boys and 3 girls. Been living in Stockton, CA as a Medical Assistant. A lot has happened since high school. Anyone that knew me please email me. Im also married to a fine cambodian guy. Take care.
Sunday December 11, 2005 17:52 - Phoenix, AZ

Mindy Fox '86 |
Not sure how I came across this page, but it was fun to check out. In O'Fallon, Missouri (Graphic Design). 2 kids - Grace (4) & Jake (2). I miss San Diego like you wouldn't believe. Please drop a line anytime.would love to hear from you. Does anyone have any info on Class of 1986 Reunion? Thanks.
Friday December 9, 2005 09:01 - O' Fallon, Missouri

Margarita Barroso Class of '86 |
Great site! I can't believe it's been 20 years since graduation - time really does fly!!
Thursday December 8, 2005 15:14 - San Fernando Valley, CA

Shelly loyd (Nelson) |
Still in Jamestown NY South of Buffalo NY and we have snow lots of it The newest news my youngest finally Graduated from high school this year Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a save New Year
Wednesday December 7, 2005 18:14 - Jamestown, NY

Nancy Alonso c/o 2005 |
I really miss high school! i hate to work, but thats the real life! i hope everyone is doing great! keep in touch!
Wednesday December 7, 2005 10:41 - imperial beach ca. 91932

Deric Fernandez 1989
Life is like a box of chocolates
Tuesday December 6, 2005 22:51

Claudia Gomez '93 aka Turtle |
Just an update
Still dancing professionally and teaching. I live in NYC for part of the year performing and studying. I'm in San Diego until Feb. I'll be teaching and performing here and in LA until then. Email me if you want to say hi or learn how to tap dance!
Peace,love and lots of rhythm
Tuesday December 6, 2005 17:12 - new york, new york / chula vista, ca

Cynthia,1991' |
Just wanted to find all my lost friends. Hit me up at
Tuesday December 6, 2005 12:41 - Zanesville, ohio

Shelly Reddell |
Email update.
Sunday December 4, 2005 13:27 - IB CA

Abby Paule (Troxler), '89 |
Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well =) I am really bad at K/I/T, but send me an e-mail and I'll try to be better at it. Take Care!
Friday December 2, 2005 02:05 - Chino Hills, California

Tina Rodriguez 1976 |
Hi, to everyone in the year of 1976. Remember me Rita's little sister.
Friday December 2, 2005 00:00 - Amarillo,TX

Sheila Davis (Monroe) 90'
Class of 90' was a great year. It feels like a lifetime ago. I'm still living in Imperial Beach. It's hard to leave. I hope everyone is doing well.
Thursday December 1, 2005 15:20 - IB


Derrick Patterson, c/o 1998 |
Hey everyone, just updating some. I'm still recruiting in Diamond Bar, CA. I was recently promoted to first class petty officer (FC1). If anyone is in the area, look me up!!!!
Thursday December 1, 2005 12:58 - Ontario, CA

Clarivel Fong '02 |
Hi to all those who remember me. :) Quick note, doing well, finishing up here at GU and hopefully finding a job. Still deciding weather or not to return to Cali. Not married, no kids. Will be home for xmas, so write to me if you want to hang out. :) Best Wishes
Thursday December 1, 2005 11:23 - Washington, DC

Nelsy Chavoya c/o 2004! |
Hey everyone. Well just wanted o say hi to those that know me. I miss all my high school teachers!! nicoloff, mac, fuentez, escalante, lobarbio, and so many more. I hope every one is doing fine. Im currently attending san diego city college working and thats about it. and taking advantage that im single! LOL well just wanted to drop by and say HI! =)
Tuesday November 29, 2005 22:06 - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Tessa Wright (not applicable) |
I work for the City. I am the contact for the 50th Anniversary 2006 calendar and coffee table book. Update: The leather bound coffee table book can be ordered in four colors (brown, black, green or reddish-brown) and the embossing in gold, silver or black. We can also offer a full color dustjacket at an additional cost that is not known right now. For those of you who have already emailed me or sent in your order form for a leather book - please email me with your color choices.
thanks, tessa
Tuesday November 29, 2005 10:35 - Imperial Beach, CA

Michael Powers 1979 |
Henry, can you please change my e-mail address, as this is a new one. Thank you.If anyone out there remembers me, please drop me a line when you get a chance, i'd enjoy hearing from you.Take care, Mike & Hanna Marie
Monday November 28, 2005 21:02 - Arkansas City, KS.

Janet Goforth '75 |
Left MV after 10th grade, but once a Mariner, always a Mariner. Hello Linda Estrada Lattin, I came to the reunion, what happened to you? Want to thank Robin Harvey for being such a gentleman and picking me up from the airport and escorting me to the mixer. Had a great time and hope to see ya'll again very soon. Thank you Mariner devotee's for all your hard work and effort and for not leaving me out. Anyone know of George Garcia's 71/72? where abouts? He has brother name Ruby and Kenny and an older sister name Josie, all MV grads (I think). If any of ya'll come to Memphis, contact me ahead of time and we can get together. Julia Williams thanks for confessing up about Disneyland. Confession does clean the soul, and I still love ya!! Everyone take care, God Bless and keep you safe and happy. Always, Janet Goforth
Monday November 28, 2005 16:22 - Memphis, TN

1979 |
Still living in Kansas and enjoying life with my 2 year old daughter, Hanna Marie, who was born on my b-day in '03.Looking forward to hearing from anyone that remembers me.Take care,Mike.
Sunday November 27, 2005 16:52 - Arkansas City, KS.

Dan Winer (78)
Well, been thinkin' a lot lately. I handed off my dental practice last year and found a nice little bit of beach on the east coast.
Saturday November 26, 2005 16:21 - Maine


Casey Cartier 81 |
Still in IB will always be in IB cuz IB is where IB from. Still Alive and getting laid and not paying for it.
Saturday November 26, 2005 04:20 - Imperial Beach, CA

Pat Dasis, '89 |
Hello to all my friends ,I'm doing good and enjoying life with family.
Saturday November 26, 2005 03:56 - San Diego, CA

Darla Peterson ( Mathis) C?96 |
change of email :)
Friday November 25, 2005 15:32 - San Diego Ca

Ellen Seaman '64 |
Posting this for my Mom.
Thursday November 24, 2005 09:58 - San Diego CA

Irma Cueva class 86 |
I would of graduated with class of 86. Grew up in IB. Been in NM for 13 yrs.I am married and have 3 kids Alexandria 15, Olivia 11 and Nicholas 5. Love living in the desert, but miss IB.
Wednesday November 23, 2005 15:33 - Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Joseph Turner, '86. |
Ahh, I know your wondering who is this guy, well look in your annuals and look for a guy with jeri curls. Go 1986.
Tuesday November 22, 2005 22:28 - Normal Heights(San Diego/CA)

Ben Holt '66 |
Looking for an e-mail address for Charlie Bottoms '66. Last known in Austin, TX.
Tuesday November 22, 2005 21:07 - Salinas, CA

Erika Molina, 00 |
I relocated to Fontana CA about four years ago. For those who don't know, it's near Riverside. I have a BS in Criminal Justice and soon will have a Masters in Human Behavior. I am not married yet, nor any children.I am engaged though, and planning for a fall wedding.
Monday November 21, 2005 23:27 - Fontana, California

Jason Spath |
Still in IB's, have my own tile business in Coronado, can't be away from the ocean. Greg, what's up wit dat photo, late night or just gettin started?
Monday November 21, 2005 16:03 - Imperial Beach, CA

Beth Beyersdorf , '85' |
Doing great in Texas. I am a busy mother of four. 2 girls and 2 boys. Would love to hear from you guys. I was in IB in June 2005. I had a great visit. It was fun to see all the changes. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
Sunday November 20, 2005 21:18 - Waco Texas

Wayne Aguirre, '69 |
New e-mail,would love to hear from my classmates
Saturday November 19, 2005 23:02 - Mesa, Arizona

Kathy Burnett '96 |
Just wondering if anyone knows about the 10 yr. reunion for c/o '96 yet.
Wednesday November 16, 2005 02:54 - San Diego, CA

Ellen Pancho '97 |
Hi All! I'm married now! No kids yet. But I'm living in Foxboro Massachussettes. I am currently working for a Mortgage Company & am very happy to be in this Industry. I can't wait to see everyone at our reunion! If anyone recognizes me please feel free to email me @ the email I have porovided. Can't wait to hear from you all!
Tuesday November 15, 2005 09:41 - Foxboro, MA 02035

A. Louis Aleman, Class '95 |
Joined the military, was in iraq for ten yr reunion.
Sunday November 13, 2005 19:48 - Newport News, VA

Eddie Poisson (Young) '76 |
Just want to brag a little bit. My daughter, Kristen, made the Team USA gymanstics team and two months ago she traveled to Europe and competed in world competition. she brought home a gold medal. Beating out 48 other atheletes from 17 countries. Can you tell I'm a proud dad?
Sunday November 13, 2005 14:07 - Lubbock, TX

Marco Estrada, '05 |
I moved to San Luis Obispo for school and I love it here and at the same time I find it really boring. I miss San Diego and going to Gulls games.
Saturday November 12, 2005 13:02 - San Luis Obispo, CA

Julie Stewart (Lamoureaux),'85 |
Just wanted to say hi to people I haven't seen in a long time. I'm married, living in Reno, and working as a Corporate Trainer for Harley-Davidson Financial Services. My husband and I don't ride yet - but hopefully we will some day soon!
Take care class of '85. Email if you can!
Saturday November 5, 2005 11:58 - Reno, NV

Tabitha Kealoha c/o 2004 |
Hey everyone, just an update. I have a daughter now, Abby. Take care everyone.
Thursday November 3, 2005 23:58 - Portland, Oregon

Cynthia Hernandez, 89 |
I am Happily married to James Robinson, also a Mariner from 86. We have 4 children and have been truly blessed. I pray all our friends are doing well too.
Sunday October 30, 2005 20:46 - Martinez, GA.

Gary W. Intrieri |
Married since 1987, very happy. One 8 yr. old son. Home: Carmel Mountain Ranch. USAF- boom operator KC135a, Electronics technican, manufacturing supervisor, Current: fiber(optics) instruments manufacturing supervisor Vista, CA. (All the best!)
Saturday October 29, 2005 14:31 - San Diego, CA

Ron, '04 |
the few, the proud, the mariners viva class of 04.
Saturday October 29, 2005 03:11 - San Diego, CA

Monica Islas (Griffin) CO'99 |
Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing great in their lives. I'm happily married to my husband Kevin. If anyone remembers me write to me and we'll talk and catch up.
Friday October 28, 2005 19:17 - El Cajon, CA

Juan Avila C/O '99 |
Hola a todos (Hello) well next week I'm having my surgery on my left knee in spain (soccer accident) I hoppe in the next 8 months I be playing soccer again, but not in Italy I'm going to Japan the land of the rising sun!!! I be out there till 2009!!! I guess is time to go back home, if any one know's me write me back
Friday October 28, 2005 03:58 - La Maddalena Italy

Tony Probert 2003 |
Whats up everybody. I hope eeryone is doing well. I just wanted to say hi to all those mariners out there and I couldn't forget those teachers. I sure would like to hear form you guys some time. Take care of yourself your family and loved ones thats all you really have in life as I come to find out. Peace
Monday October 24, 2005 22:32 - Kalispell Mt

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Rubi Dominguez, 2002 |
Hi everyone. I still in Italy, about to go back to school in january and then off to somewhere else.How's life over there? i want to know what my classmates are doing, so if you knew me, or if you just feel like writing, hit me up an e-mail. So, until then. mua-mua.
Saturday October 22, 2005 16:02 - La Maddalena, Italy.

Ariella Burns (Smith) 1992 |
Hey!I would love to hear from anyone out there in Cali. Living in Tyler Tx for the past 4 1/2 years. Working as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Kids are 12 and 7 now! I go back to IB every year or so. how can you afford it out there? I haven't given up my passion.volleyball! I play up to 5 days a week. Married my 2nd husband, Doug Smith in 2004. Email me!
Friday October 21, 2005 19:55 - Tyler, TX

Lewis Spady 60 |
Had a great time at the reunion, for those that could not attend you missed a great time.
Friday October 21, 2005 17:28 - Hopland, Calif.

Petra Meyer, 1971 |
I have fond memories of MV. I was an exchange student from Holland, staying with the Stuart family on Elm Ave. Am living in Muscat, Oman, with my family (husband and 3 kids).
Friday October 21, 2005 05:49 - Muscat, Oman

Bruce (Walter) Bozarth, 68 |
Lots of miles have passed since I last saw IB. Would love to hear from classmates/friends from school. Living now in Oklahoma, moved here from W Australia. Love it here, have new wife, 3 grown kids 7 grandkids. Life is good!
Thursday October 20, 2005 14:41 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kim Tracy (Mason) 1988 |
Hello everyone. Does any one know have Mr. Kuhn's Email adress. He was my absolute favorite teacher!! Also A big hello to everyone from the great class of '88.
Thursday October 20, 2005 02:08 - Post Falls , Idaho

Dennis Muldrow 1976 |
My daughter (Tennessee.) is five now and going to school. I could not stand the commute so I took a job on my side of the bay. If you knew me in High School you will laugh. I am the Supervisor of Community Services and the Manager of City Facilities.
Wednesday October 19, 2005 19:01 - Port Orchard, WA

Joel Sandoval, '91 |
Hi everyone, I just wanted to update my email adress. Well, life is great, I love Portland but miss Southern Cal. sometimes. I recently got divorced, but we are still really good friends. If anyone feels like emailing me please feel free to.
Wednesday October 19, 2005 18:52 - Portland, OR

Don Harmon class of 71 |
Hi class of 71 i just wanted to update my e-mail address and to let everyone know im back in Calif living in Bodfish (what a name) which is 40 mi NE of Bakersfield
Tuesday October 18, 2005 23:30 - Bodfish CA

Tammi Mihalenko (Tamara) 1992 |
Just want to update my email addy! Nice to finally hear from some one (Jen!) Would love to hear from more esp anyone from ROTC! Take care Mariners! Oh, and CLASS OF 92 WILL ALWAYS RULE! hee hee
Tuesday October 18, 2005 22:05 - Pittsburg, Ca

Anne Marie Barbon 1996 |
Hey everyone, just wanna say hi and hope ya'll are well. Life busy as ever, now work for a private OD, so much better. Still in a great relationship, no kids but enjoy life. To the class of 96, does anyone know what's going on for the reunion???? I am up here in WA and it's really hard to get in contact w/people. Let me know!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!!!
Tuesday October 18, 2005 10:10 - Everett, WA

Tanya Hale-Nurmi ('93) |
Hi guys, I've gotten back to the slow life after leaving LA and Vegas. Married my honey of 2.5 yrs just this past August. No kids, just the furry four legged variety. :)

Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and wants to chat! I'll email a recent picture to Henry :)
Sunday October 16, 2005 23:10 - Salem, OR

Vince Pacheco 96 |
And I was stressed about graduating.reunion right around the corner.
Saturday October 15, 2005 01:34 - IB

Dawn Lewis (Terrill) 89 |
Hey Brad,
I just discovered this page last night. How great to see your name on here! I read through some of the archives and Janine posted a few messages. She is looking for you!
I am married now and have a 16 month old daughter. I teach early childhood courses at the local community college and do consulting throughout the country. How are you? Where are you living now?
Friday October 14, 2005 13:54 - Portland, OR

Brenda Hey '80 |
I am still living in Imperial Beach. I have three kids Brandon, BreeAnn, and Brian. I am happily divorced.
Friday October 14, 2005 00:35 - Imperial Beach, CA

Brad Hayes, `89 |
Anyone out there? Someone drop me line.
Thursday October 13, 2005 22:14 - St. Louis

Andria Correia '97 |
Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Hope to see everyone soon at our reunion. (like the B - alley days!)
Thursday October 13, 2005 12:38 - Harrisburg, Illinois

BreeAnn Petty 03 |
*class of 03*
Thursday October 13, 2005 03:32 - Imperial Beach/California

Cori Roberts (Wiseman) c/o '98 |
Let's see...I graduated from UCSD in '02 with a degree in Physiology and Neuroscience. I got married 3/12/05 to David Wiseman (c/o '96). We never dated in high school, but I did have a crush on him. No kids yet and none planned until I'm finished with my Master's degree. I'm currently attending Cal State LA to become a nurse practitioner. We own a house and have a funny looking dog name Napoleon. I'm still best friends with Heather Stanley (Cohen) (c/o 99) and she just had a baby boy Oct 1st Yes, she and Daniel got married Aug 30th, 2003. She and Daniel both graduated from UCSD too, and they just bought their first house in Chula Vista. Jason Rollins just got married Sept 21st and I was in the wedding! Funny how life works out isn't it? My husband (if anyone remembers him, he was always conveniently absent on picture day) is the Resource coordinator at Bell High school up here in LA. He is coaching swimming and he started a water polo team. Of course, he is assistant coach for the wrestling team. Life is busy, but isn't that the best way to be??

Love to all,
Wednesday October 12, 2005 23:55 - Los Angeles, CA

K C Kinnamon |
Just wanted to comment that you know you are getting old when you read about MVHS grads graduating college that you taught or coached in elementary school. Holy Guacamole!
Wednesday October 12, 2005 23:40 - Chula Vista, CA

Michele Henderson (Majewski)1968 |
Hi there everyone, now have a new email address and would love to here from anyone that wants to write. Still married to Jack class of 1968, retired from working for KFC. 3 grown children, and 3 grandchildren. having a ball.
Tuesday October 11, 2005 22:42 - Haines City, Florida

Kristen McMaster, '03 |
c/o 2003! Hey Mariners! Give me a M...V...H...S!!! I miss all my fellow cheerleaders so much and high school. I'm finishing up at San Diego State and looking into becoming a neurologist.
Monday October 10, 2005 18:20 - Imperial Beach, CA

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John Reed c/o 2000 |
Hey,just seeing the world. Studying computers in Germany. The country is beautiful and the women are even better. Heh heh. Im not wild anymore either, imagine that.
Sunday October 9, 2005 10:43 - Germany

Joann Rodgers(Welch), '96 |
Hi Any one from '96. I was wondering about our 10 year reunion coming up!! If anyone has info on it plz let me know.
Saturday October 8, 2005 13:51 - San Diego

Robert Roundy 1992 |
hello i have only been in contact with like two people from school. i am working as a firefighter overseas for guvment and am online looking to kill some time
Friday October 7, 2005 16:57 - b f

Blanca Ramirez 71 |
I just want to say hi to everyone. Actually I graduated from MHS but we had our classes at MVHS.It was not my choosing, but oh well.
Friday October 7, 2005 16:20 - Imperial Beach, CA

Estela Pedroza (Morales) 97 |
Hi everyone! I'm married with 2 kids and doing good.
Thursday October 6, 2005 10:40 - Imperial Beach CA

Genevieve (Genie) Irish '99 |
Yello everyone. Seeing as I see most of ya kids still on Myspace or at the good 'ol Plank... just checking in...
Hope all is well!!
Wednesday October 5, 2005 17:37 - SD/IB

Bianca Lueras 1996 |
Hey class of 96! Just wondering if there is any info about our 10 yr reunion. Is there a commitee? Please someone contact me.

Wednesday October 5, 2005 16:47 - San Diego, CA

Dexter Guiang 1997 |
No Kids Yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday October 5, 2005 02:21 - Clairemont/ San Diego, California

Samuel Townsley class of 1998 |
I have been slaving away for UPS for the last 4 years, while trying to juggle bands, school, art, and everything else. My band will kick your band's butt.
Wednesday October 5, 2005 00:57 - Imperial Beach, CA

Starla Ransom '89 |
Looking for any old friends that may want to see how we all grew up hehe.
Tuesday October 4, 2005 18:39 - Livermore,California

Ben Schlotte |
I miss the good times we all shared in 91'-95' I truly hope you all are happy, healthy, and doin fine. till we meet again. bye-bye!!!!!
Monday October 3, 2005 20:08 - Melborn,c Austria

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Lori Hancock 1975 |
Please update my e-mail address.
Teaching in I.B. Living in east county.
Sunday October 2, 2005 10:37 - Pine Valley CA

James Prazma Class Of 1996 |
Jus figured id update my status for ya. Im currently workin at Wal-Mart and am engaged and expecting my first child sometime in April. Hope to see ya'll at the reunion....C/O 96 Rulez!!
Saturday October 1, 2005 21:45 - Old Chatham, New York

Kerstin Toth '90 |
1990 was incredible! Missed our reunion and regret it now. I got married in 1993 to Frank ( who took my last name) and we've decided to hold off on kids. I still love all my gothic music and alternative stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever grow up in that respect. I'm working as a Supervisor for Children's Specialists of San Diego for the Central Buisness Office. I love the medical field and I love the children we work for. It all started when I started billing for the Hematology Oncology department at Children's and now I'm hooked on these precious kids and helping the families get their treatments covered. Frank is the Facilities Manager for San Diego Transit. We're never
My Mom and Dad still live on Carolina Street and they see alumni more than I do. I haven't run into anyone at all in so long.
I miss Andrea Seminara so much but I've lost her to someplace in Portland, Oregan. I hope I can track her down some day. What about the good old days in Mrs. Shillinger's classes? What about Air Band, baby? Isn't it a trip to stop and think about how much fun we had sometimes? And now how we have to pay mortgages and school loans and work 10 hour days? WOW...big changes, but good stuff. Life is always a growth process. Hope you all are doing fantastic and are successfull in whatever your passion is.

Saturday October 1, 2005 14:31 - Chula Vista CA

Arnold Botts class of '66 |
Good to see some of my classmates on the website. Still living in the Southbay area, having retired from Chula Vista PD after 25 yrs. Enjoying retirement with my wife of 30 yrs., and doing as much traveling as possible. Looking forward to the upcoming reunion and seeing friends.
Thursday September 29, 2005 13:00 - Chula Vista, Ca.

Michelle Hernandez c/o 2005 |
Hey everybody can you believe it we left we actually graduated it was so much fun while it lasted i miss it so much!! SENIOR YEAR ROCKED!! THE SENIOR LAWN!!! well i keep in contact and have fun everyone!!
Wednesday September 28, 2005 19:28 - san ysidro CA

Cheryl Quinones Class of 1972 |
50TH BIRTHDAY BASH in 2000 ...
I remember the food fight in '70...and the bleacher scene in '72....I remeber life when I felt young, tasted sweet,and I was innocent....gee,
remeber when I could spell at 25 x’s 2 (you do the math...MVHS grads) not so innocent...nor sweet to taste and forget young let alone
"feeling it"...lookin'in the mirror...I get confused...I call for Alex and ask him..."who's that girl?" who is that girl……see her she there in the mirror”... and each and every time Alex says to me, “that's my girl" look there she is, see her?…“that's my girl”.... I rmember life at 12, 20 30, 40, and the BASH is 2000....but the bleacher scene in '72? ...That wasn't me..honest!... I was with “my guy"...remenmember?Yesterday, today, and in all of my tomorrows...gosh, that's along time...I hope I can remember it all when I'm 80, 90, and if I live thru to 100...this would be a good thing...I could start all over again....young, sweet, and that's a concept MVHS Grads could only figure doin' the math....Cheryl
Wednesday September 28, 2005 05:55 - Imperial Beach, CA

Kathy Davis C/O 92 |
Hello everyone. Just came by to update my information (e-mail, life status, etc.). I am currently retired from my job at the prison, where I worked for almost 10 years. I injured my knee and back while on the job, and kept injuring them when responding to fights between inmates. I am still single, however, I have been dating a wonderful man for the past 3 years. He knows more about my daughter Lennette than her own father (Jose Gutierrez c/o 92) does. My daughter is doing great, she is now 12 years old, and very active in our local 4-H club. Just finished a fair a week ago, where she sold a lamb.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Jose Gutierrez, please let me know. His daughter would like to talk to him!

Those who remember me, feel free to get in touch with me!
Monday September 26, 2005 04:06 - Salinas, California

Michael DeLeo '90 |
Just wanted to give a quick update on my life and email. Jennifer Fieweger (DeLeo)1991 and I Married in 2000 and now have a three year old son named Elisha. We live in a small Mountain community and work in San Luis Obispo Co. as a Firefighter/Paramedic
. Life is Good. :)
Sunday September 25, 2005 22:57 - Pine Mountain CA

Shauna Rossini (Block) 98 |
Hi everyone, just thought I'd fianlly add my info in here. I am currently teaching 5th grade and Married to a wonderful man!!!
Sunday September 25, 2005 00:29 - San Diego/CA

Aracely Lugo C/O 2005 |
hey everybody damn i never thought i would say this but i miss high school well everything is good with me just livin life working and going to school, just simple life after high school!! everyone keep me updated bye!! C/O 2005!
Saturday September 24, 2005 12:48 - San Diego, CA

Joe Copley |
I'm coming up on 30 years with the U.S Coast Guard here in San Diego, I am married with one child.
Thursday September 22, 2005 09:43 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Juan M. Mora, 95 |
Oh my god! What can I say, but I really miss everyone- even though I didn't talk much, but I really loved being there with everyone. I feel really bad missing out on our reunion I will do my best to go to our next one. Other than that I'm doing fine just waiting to move back to San Diego, hopefully SOON!! Hope to hear from some of you. Take care.
Wednesday September 21, 2005 21:57 - Riverside, CA

don lewis, 1970 |
just want to say hi to class of 70. looking for my old love, nancy cummings. also would like to hear from larry catron and jack williams. happily divorced and selling toyotas in carlsbad. 3 wonderful grand kids.
Wednesday September 21, 2005 20:41 - vista , ca.

Adam Fagalde 2004 |
Still in IB enjoying life.
Wednesday September 21, 2005 17:42 - Imperial Beach, Ca.

Enrique Corona class 91 |
Just want to say hi to the class of 91. Doing time for robbery no no just kidding!!! Working around Chula Vista.
Tuesday September 20, 2005 19:02 - sidro

Cheryl Dildine 90 |
Please make the change for my e-mail address. Thanks
Tuesday September 20, 2005 10:45 - Phoenix, Arizona

Rebette Johnson (Nelson), 1982 |
I just wanted to let all of my classmates know that my husband of 19 yrs passed away very unexpectedly last August. Since that time I have moved to Oregon to get a fresh start and to be near my older sis and her family. If you remember me, e-mail me.
Monday September 19, 2005 03:45 - Aloha, OR

Ben Contreras Class Of 95 |
Hello to all fellow Mariners. Miss you guys a lot. I am so bummed I missed our 10 year reunion. but I guess that just means I have more to tell you guys at the 20th or hopefully a 15th. Take care and see you guys soon.
Sunday September 18, 2005 16:46 - Riverside, Ca

William Rivas class of 1999 |
hi,every one.i hope that class of 1999.Is doing well.As for me right now.i'm curr.finshing a printing cef. Also stared again i'm curr. taking a math class right now at Southwestern College.i currently live area of Univ.Heights area.Anybody feel free to write to me.bye Bill Rivas
Tuesday September 13, 2005 14:27 - 4622 Georgia St.

Robert Livingston - C/O 2000 |
Whats up everybody? Just stopping through to see how you guys are all doing. I'm still at the Horton Plaza Movie Theater in Downtown, and by the end of the year I will be at mid-level Assistant Manager. Anybody cool from back in the day should stop in sometime and watch a movie on my dime. All of the old crew need to crawl out from whatever rock they are under and give me a shout. Dan Poli, Chris Schnuck, Jared Davis, Blake Swier, Benjo # 13, Ailia, Tina, etc. Anyways everybody else who is still around take care and I hope your lives are progressing as well as mine. Maybe I'll see some familiar faces at the Homecoming Game. Take it easy people. - Robby
Monday September 12, 2005 20:08 - Imperial Beach, CA

Norma Mariscal (Lane) |
To Webmaster
PLease use : Cielitolindo68@yahoo. as my email I forgot to use the "mx" after
Monday September 12, 2005 16:44 - California

Amy Zaretzka 2001 |
Well I am now waiting for my baby boy to come in Nov 05 (10 weeks) Very excited. Email me if you want its all good now
Monday September 12, 2005 13:55 - Spring Valley Ca

Curtess Maldonado |
whats up to everyone in 01
Sunday September 11, 2005 16:52 - Germany

Ricky Myers '84 |
Hey! Mates,Where ya at?
Sunday September 11, 2005 11:24 - Sherman Oaks, Ca

Sherri Gantert (Frank) 1971 |
Just wanted to say HI to all my fellow classmates...I am living in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area now. Think of MVHS often. Hope everyone is doing well.
Saturday September 10, 2005 13:00 - Dallas/Ft.Worth , Texas

Brenda Allchin 1980 |
Just updating email and surfing the site.
Saturday September 10, 2005 00:38 - Visalia, CA

Cynthia Pillado c/o 2000! |
Just thought I'd give an update on what's going on with me...I just finished my Masters in Forensic Science w/Invesitgations emphasis and am working on my thesis to be turned in this month. Next, law school in January (if all goes as planned)or will send out applications for the FBI by the end of the year. No kids, not married. Having fun, and traveling! Anyone who remembers me, send me an email! I'd love to keep in touch!
Thursday September 8, 2005 20:37 - San Diego, CA

Denise Flores (Hunter) c/o 99 |
Looks like another deployment for the other half, thank goodness it is just state side this time! It is a wonderful feeling though that my family is able to contribute to the cause of helping those in the South who have endured so much in the last few weeks! I look at these experiences in a positive light and as just another day in the life of an ARMY wife!
Thursday September 8, 2005 00:11 - Kennewick, WA

Sonia Duran 1999 |
Just thought I'd say, "Hello", to all of my wonderful Mariner Buddies!
Tuesday September 6, 2005 06:56 - Chula Vista, CA

Diana Gutierrez (Cole) 1986 |
Hi! Just checking in.
Monday September 5, 2005 09:32 - San Marcos,Ca

Sharie Reynolds C/O 98 |
I just wanted to say that if anyone has family or friends that were effected by hurricane katrina, my thoughts and prayers are with them. I also wanted to say if you are able to donate towards the relief efforts, please do so, weather it be money, clothes, volenterring to help collect stuff, etc. Every little bit helps! Take care & God bless.
Sunday September 4, 2005 20:32 - Hershey, PA

Crystal Cornwall (Powers), '95 |
You'd like to think these things will never happen to you, or near you. You'd like to believe that they don't actually occur. Well, reality hits you eventually. Katrina has caused hundreds, if not thousands, to enter my town, and all around it. I just found 20 people living in a house a few doors down. I asked what they needed and they really only wanted towels, so they can get clean & dry. It makes you think. It makes me appreciate what I have. I'm posting this in the hopes it does the same to you.
Saturday September 3, 2005 20:51 - DeSoto, TX

Rebecca Sigmund (Webb) 97 |
Just updating my info. I am married with one beautiful daughter who just turned 1. I am just sub teaching right now, not fun but its work.
Thursday September 1, 2005 21:42 - IB

Bradley Pickett 2004 |
Doin college in the San Diego area with a geography major. Workin at Sears CV.
Tuesday August 30, 2005 22:27 - San Diego California

Brian Trail |
Just dropping a line to say hello to anyone paying attention from the class of 84. working hard in florida as an inventory manager for auto dealership, hoping to hear from a few people, until then take care and God bless.
Tuesday August 30, 2005 16:41 - Naples, Fl

Kenneth Lowery '59 |
Like to hear from the "rat pack" and "clan"
Tuesday August 30, 2005 08:31 - Versailles, Kentucky

Clifford Breeden 1976 |
Recently changed my e-mail address from msn to sbcglobal. Will wait and see if sbc is better than msn. My gray hair is going grayer with two teenagers in high school.
Tuesday August 30, 2005 01:53 - Anaheim, CA

Mary Pike 2004 |
Hi everyone. I've been feeling a little homesick recently, so if there's anyone out there that remembers me, feel free to email me or IM me. AIM:mllecoconuthat, YIM:mdpike@sbdglobal.
net, MSN:mademoiselle_coco

I'd love to catch up!
Monday August 29, 2005 21:50 - Groton, CT

Jennifer Stoutt (Hosfield) 1992 |
Hello, just wanted to reach out to those I have lost contact with. I'm back from England and in the US again.
Monday August 29, 2005 21:35

Michael Cooperman 79 |
Wanted to say hi to all and wouldn't mind hearing from old friends. Missing IB, but have been traveling the world since retiring from the Air Force. I'm an an Engineer in Taiwan now. Married a beautiful lady from Thailand (Pattama).
Monday August 29, 2005 16:13 - Taitung Taiwan

Theresa De Los Reyes ~ Lopez (Class of 79) |
Living in Bonita and married to Gabe Lopez. We have 4 beautiful children, Dionne 20, Laura 18, Gabe 14, Rachel 12. Life is wonderful. We would love to hear from you.
Sunday August 28, 2005 18:25 - Bonita, CA

Tommy Escobedo, 1998 |
Hope everyone is doing well. Living in SAC for two more months and then I'm back to L.A. Take care.
Saturday August 27, 2005 20:44 - Sacramento, CA

kathy burnett 1996 |
hey everyone!!! i was just wondering if anyone has any info on the 10 yr. reunion for '96? i can't believe it's been almost ten years already!!! the time just flew by!
Saturday August 27, 2005 17:10 - san diego, ca

Hi all, wondering if anyone knows of the next class reunion for class of 88' let me know so I may attend. Hope all is good!
Friday August 26, 2005 16:29 - FRESNO,CA

Shawna Bajorek (Jennings) 98 |
Hi Everyone! I got married in July of 04. We purchased our first home together and have plans to start a family in the next few years. I think I'm the only one from C/O 98 who doesn't have kids already!? I started my own wedding planning business; it is slow but I am learning a ton. If anyone is looking for a wedding coordinator email me up! I'll give the MVHS discount!! Hope everyone is thriving in their lives, I know I am.
Friday August 26, 2005 14:39 - Irvine, CA

Eric Magallanes (2000) |
Hey everyone! It's been a long time. I've been making slow progress with school and ended up getting into banking(how'd that happen?). It's not so bad, I guess. Let me know what you've been up to...
Wednesday August 24, 2005 11:00 - San Diego, Ca

Cathy Ramirez C/O 00 |
Hi Everyone!
I just created my profile on There's a lot people from MVH there is you want to check it out! my profile is on
Hope to hear from you soon :-)
Tuesday August 23, 2005 16:59 - Lakeside

Alma Perez 1996 |
Hi everybody!! Is good to know from all of you again. Take Care and thank you for all those memorable moments in High School!!!!!
Tuesday August 23, 2005 14:37 - San ysidro Ca.

Kenney Pryce 1975 |
Hey i think i'm the only charger and
Padre fan in the state of Iowa. Oh well. Life is clean and cool in America's heartland. E-mail me would love to hear from you. " curveball" KP
Tuesday August 23, 2005 08:26 - Des Moines, Iowa

Estela Castro 1986 |
Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is well! It's time to start planning our 20th year reunion. If you would like to help, we will be meeting next week. I'll keep you posted as to the time and date.
Tuesday August 23, 2005 01:03 - Bonita CA

Sasha Anaya 2006 |
Monday August 22, 2005 22:41 - Imperial Beach, ca

Richard Johannes |
Yes I am still alive and would like to hear from anyone who wants to contact me Richard
Monday August 22, 2005 11:04 - Miltonfreewater,Oregon


Amada Gonzalez |
update email address
Monday August 22, 2005 00:06 - San Diego, Ca. 92154

Norma Mariscal (Lane) 86 |
hello :)
Sunday August 21, 2005 13:13


Rae AnneJones (Holland) 95 |
It was cool to see the pics posted from the reunion. If anyone has anymore would love to see them. I am sad I miss it.
Saturday August 20, 2005 21:22 - Mustang,ok

Maria (Amaya) Diaz |
Married and have 3 beautiful children... 20 year old daughter, 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter...
Friday August 19, 2005 16:56 - Imperial Beach

Dave Owens - Class of '87 |
Class of '87, where are you?
Friday August 19, 2005 14:18 - San Diego, CA

Joe Copley 75 |
Just wanted to say Hi to everyone (alumni 75)
I live in IB, and coming up on 30 years
with the U.S Coast Guard here in San Diego, I am married with one child. I plan on attending the reunion and hope to see everyone there.
Friday August 19, 2005 10:22 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Gilbert Sandoval 1996 |
whats up fellow mar vistians.......i remember you all and love you as much as my athletes foot....much love to you all hit me up.
Thursday August 18, 2005 17:51 - Imperial Beach

Violeta Perez 2000! |
Waddup mai dagss! Raizin da ruuf! Out to all my gees and dees. If ya know me just holler at me.
Wednesday August 17, 2005 20:23 - San Diego

Pattie Ackerman (Agbunag) class of 62 |
Just wanted to update my email address.
Still in I.B. Still working at Roejack Roofing. Still enjoying my 15 grandkids, four of them will be attending Mar Vista this year. Two Agbunag's and two Barnetts. 8/14/05
Monday August 15, 2005 01:11 - Imperial Beach, CA

Jennifer Villanueva 1995 |
I just want to say hello to everyone. I had fun seeing everyone at the reunion. See you guys on the 20th reunion.
Monday August 15, 2005 00:04 - Escondido

Antonio Hurtado, '93 |
Just looking to hear from my classmates and anyone else I've lost touch with. I know I did'nt make the 10 year reunion(because of work) but I have'nt forgot about you all.
Sunday August 14, 2005 21:47 - Imperial Beach, Ca.

Sandra Carvajal (Rodriguez) c/o '97 |
Hey everyone! Well just looking to see if i find any "Chicas from Senior Lawn" Its now been 8 years since graduation and boy it has gone by fast! Life is good. Please drop a message and don't be shy because i definately would like to catch up!! miss you c/o 1997!!!!
Sunday August 14, 2005 18:32 - Chula Vista, California

Suzanne (Suzie) Davis |
Hi, Saw my brother's listing and decided to let everyone know that I would like to hear from some old friends too. Seven children in our family and we all went to school in IB. I should have been in the 65 class but graduated 2 mos early in night school so that I could attend Kelsey Jenny Business College in San Diego. Got married in June of 65 and moved to Oregon in 1970. Have 3 daughters and a stepson and a step daughter. 12 grandchildren. My best friends in school were Charlene Smith who moved to Oregon , Donna Anderson - married Dan Wardlow-Karen Bleyle-married Ken Kender, Sharon Vorhies, Lynn Wardlow.
I attended Emory,Central and Westview Elementary schools and Southwest Jr. High. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my brothers. My sister was in the first graduating class of MarVista. Went part time to Brown's Field. She wrote the words to the school song which they are still using today. (We were always very proud of that). Her name was Betty Stevens-later changed to Elizabeth. My brother Richard Stevens was on the first football team and we still have pictures of him in his MV football uniform. Many good memories of IB.

Friday August 12, 2005 21:09 - Mill City Oregon

MariaFe Paguia class of 1994 |
Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi and see what's up w/ my fellow class of 1994..
Friday August 12, 2005 00:21 - San Diego

Thursday August 11, 2005 09:47 - VISTA, CA.

Margo McMurray 1979 |
Hey Mariners! just wanted to give an update; as of 08/2005, still living in Colorado Springs, CO; kids are now 13 years old (twins); would like to hear from Carla Lewis..Thanks a bunch!
Wednesday August 10, 2005 23:05 - Colorado Springs, CO

Dennis Miller 1963 |
Just thought I would check in. I have been in FL for the last 20 years so have lost contact with everyone
Wednesday August 10, 2005 11:15 - Safety Harbor, FL (Tampa/St. Pete)

Yvette Reyes 1991 |
Just updating my address for anyone interested. One comment I've noticed that the class of 1991 is not showing them selves.
Monday August 8, 2005 17:17 - Riverside, Ca

Webmaster comments   I DO NOT HAVE A YEARBOOK FOR '91.. SORRY.

Marylou McCarron (Guevin) class of '70 |
My husband and I have just retired to the Rocky Mountains of Montana (July 2005). My parents still live in IB. And my daughter and son-in-law live in Carlsad with my two grandchildren. So I will be visiting S.D. often. My son is living in Boston. So I will be there on occasional visits as well.
Monday August 8, 2005 15:59 - Seeley Lake,MT

Ismael Rosales (class of 94') |
Hey what's going,

Well it's been a while since I've seen any of my friends or people that I knew from school,anyhow, if you know who this is drop me a line don't be bashful. Life it's been good to me so far but, it could be better if I could talk to some of you for ol' time sakes...well I am out God bless.
Pues ya saben dejen un mensaje para ponernos de acuerdo y hacer una carne asada o un BBQ bueno el pedo es juntarnos para cotorrear hechen un grito.
Monday August 8, 2005 03:59 - Imperial Beach, California

deleted) |
Sunday August 7, 2005 13:46 - Uruguay

Renee Turner 1979 |
Hey Mariners,

I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me, but especially from:
Milton White
Rose Alas
Dara Ismay
Pam Parra
Margo McMurrey
And anyone from the girls track Team of
77, 78
Sunday August 7, 2005 01:39 - Olympia, WA

Anfernee21/ 1997 |
Just wanted to say what up. Anyone recongonize my name then you will know who it is. Don't realy keep in contact with many people. I hope all is well.P.S. Derrick, St. New left us dog. F-him.
Saturday August 6, 2005 23:24 - Cally

Jamie Wagoner (Collins) 1998 |
Hello to y'all!! Just thought I would drop a quick line to say "Hi" to everyone before I leave, I have less then a month now before I leave for boot camp!! In case you haven't heard, I recently got married!! Before I leave I want to get in contact with an old buddy of mine, Edgar Zatarain, he was class of 98 too!! If you know how to get ahold of him, pass on the info or give him my email addy!! Thanks!! And take care!! Chow!! XOXOXO
Friday August 5, 2005 11:56 - San Diego, Ca

Sergio J Gonzalez 1991 |
updating my email for those who want to drop in
Friday August 5, 2005 04:54 - El Cajon

Adelina (Addy) Zertuche, 85' |
Hello Everyone! I'm doing well, happily divorced and I've been blessed with three beautiful children Jessica (16), Jaime (10) and Sara (3). I still live and work in the Southbay area. I checked out all the photos of the reunion, everyone looks like they had a blast. I lost contact with all my high school friends, so if your out there send me a email. High School was some crazy and unforgetable times. Take care everyone, god bless you all.
Friday August 5, 2005 00:12 - San Diego, CA

(Albert) Joe Davis |
I attended Southwest Junior High and Mar Vista later on untill 1967 when I quit in the 11th grade (finished later and a BS in Business Administration)from Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA. I worked at the Palm Theater thru most of HS with Tom Campbell and Darlene Peebles. They were married after graduation but split. Can't find either one. Bill Roley was my friend, I wasn't real well known but I fondly remember MVHS.
Thursday August 4, 2005 20:35 - McMinnville, Oregon

Beatriz Soltero, Class of 2000 |
Hi Everyone!!! I finally graduated from CSUEB, the place is a hell hole. I now live in San Francisco and I am having the time of my life. In a few years I'm relocating to CANADA or maybe New York. :)
Tuesday August 2, 2005 17:47 - San Francisco, CA

Jen Richardson 2000 |
Hi! Just wanted to post a little update about myself. I am still attending Southwestern College. I am finishing up my AA in Social Work and just started my AS in Criminal Justice. I am hoping I finish in time to transfer to SDSU Fall 2006 semester to work on my BA in Social Work . I am in a serious relationship. It is long distance for now, it just gives me a reason to visit Long Island New York whenever I want! We have been together for more than a year and a half so things are looking pretty awesome. I miss my friends, I found a few on MySpace so if any of you remember me, hit me up! This post has my most updated email address, the other one has been closed. hugs to everyone who remembers me.
Tuesday August 2, 2005 08:52 - San Diego, Ca

Imo Asaba IB I968 |

Back in IB, graduated from Long Beach State in 00'. I have a lil' boy and girl(Julian & Alysa), am currently working for SD Sheriff Dept. and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Friday July 29, 2005 08:17 - New York U S A


Tina Buccat C/O 2000 |
Hello hello everyone! Been a long time since I've been here. Well I went back to school and became a Medical
Assistant was working for a while as one but it wasn't paying enough. So for now I'm in customer service for a company that sells.... you know when you go the movies and you speak through that hole in the glass? or the high class shi shi places that have the velvet rope on the gold posts? That's all me. It's alright I've been there for quite a few months now the pay is a little better but I have to be there at 6 am. That's not to much fun but somehow I'm handling it and it won't be for to much longer now because SURPISE! I'm moving back to San Diego at the end of the year or early 2006. Yeah it's the total opposite of L.A. but I miss my family and the beach being 5 minutes away. So I'll be coming home soon after 3 years. I don't know how many people knew I was gone but you'll be hearing from when I get back cause be sure we're gonna party hardy!
Thursday July 28, 2005 16:21 - Los Angeles, CA

Derrick Patterson 1998 |
One more thing.... Does anybody have the contact info for Coach John Saintignon, boys' basketball coach from 1992-1995? I would really like to congratulate him on being named the Director of Basketball Operations at Oregon State University. He was last coaching at Canyon del Oro HS in Arizona.
Thursday July 28, 2005 16:14 - Ontario, CA

Vincent Pacheco 96 |
Hi to all of 96! Married and have a 18 month old stud muffin.Still in I.B.and own a restaurant in the university heights area. Come visit me Gulf coast Grill.
Thursday July 28, 2005 16:12 - Imperial Beach,CA

Derrick Patterson |
Hey everyone, I'm still in the Navy, hoping to make FC1 in September. I'm currently a recruiter in Diamond Bar,CA. Look me up if you're in the area.
Thursday July 28, 2005 16:08 - Ontario, CA

Lori Tracy (Hastings) 1986 |
Update my information please........
Still living in Hemet (since 2000) Married in 1988, had Amanda in 1989 and Caitlin in 1990 and I'm still trying to recover. Teenage girls are so much fun!
I would love to hear from old (yes, old) friends.
Thursday July 28, 2005 15:17 - Hemet, California

Darla Mathis( peterson ) 96 |
Hey all just wanted to update my stuff. Shaun and I just had our 9 year anny!
3 kiddos ages 9 6 and 1
I've started working with a friend of mine for her Promotions company its not paying yet cause its just starting out but drop me a line if you'd like to check out the music!

Thursday July 28, 2005 14:00 - San Diego

Crystal (Powers) Cornwall '95 |
I have minimal contact with my best friend from High School through Neither she nor myself are "Gold Members", so cannot email each other. If anyone is said member (No Austin Powers reference intended) and would be willing to contact Victoria (Blevins) Walker for me, so we could finally get re-acquainted I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me.
Henry, she is also class of 95 and your address is not current for her.
Wednesday July 27, 2005 18:31 - DeSoto, TX

Wendy Gonong (Burton) '89 |
Hi Class of '89! Someone come visit me in Virginia! I'm still next to a beach!
Married 12 years with two beautiful kids, Michael (11) and Sabrina (6), who are currently visiting my parents in IB. Busy with Real Estate and scrapbooking. So if anyone has any old pictures, I'd love to get a copy!
Tuesday July 26, 2005 21:44 - Virginia Beach, VA

Mary Doolin 1998 |
Howdy my fellow Mariners. It's been awhile since I left a post on here so here's an update. Currently working as a Manager here at Best Buy for the past 2yrs. Finally going back to school this fall. Will be getting hitched in a few years to my BF Ian, after he finishes up flight school. then off to Hawaii. I also DJ for an internet radio station ( so check me out there. i hope to hear from ya'll soon!!! and yes, i'm still swimming.
Tuesday July 26, 2005 11:12 - Tucson, AZ

James Vallin '93 |
I am visiting I.B. right now and am enjoying being able to surf all day long!
Tuesday July 26, 2005 09:57 - Bonaire, GA

Sergio J Gonzalez 1991 |
whats up every one.
Tuesday July 26, 2005 05:21 - El Cajon

Silvia Calzada 1991 |
HI gang! Hope everyone is up and running. Miss you guys. How's my girls from ATHLETICS...??!! Let's play some ball. I was up at the Sandle castle Competition this past weekend at Imperial Beach and loved it. Brought back memories. Drop by at my email address if you want to chat. See ya!
Monday July 25, 2005 23:21 - National City CA

Friday July 22, 2005 16:24 - CARLSBAD CA.

Deric Fernandez / 1989 |
Looking for Chris Neal and Rob Magellanes. I have an old surf video you may be interested in.
Thursday July 21, 2005 11:32 - Imperial Beach

Michelle Jerome '86 |
I'm a stay at home mom, married to Jon and have three awesome kids. Gage (95), Talon (01) and Madison (03).

Life is great. When I'm not playing with my kids or hanging out with Jon, I'm with my horse or cruising the backroads in the "little red car."

If all goes well, we'll be moving to Texas in the summer of 06. I'd love to get together with any old friends before I leave the area for good, please drop me an email!
Thursday July 21, 2005 10:40 - Chula Vista, CA

Venissa Santellanes ( Valenzuela ) 1996 |
Doing good and still in IB. I was away for 13 months, but Florida didn't compare. I recently got married to the love of my life and have a 5yr old son. Working at a board of REALTORS, very exciting and have seen quiet a few MVHS alumnis' in there. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. What great memories I had with the class of 1996!! oxoxox
Wednesday July 20, 2005 23:12 - Imperial Beach/CA

olga franco |
Have been working in IB for the South Bay Union School District for the last 13 years, still see some of our old Elementary teachers. It has been a long time, hope you are all well!
Wednesday July 20, 2005 17:14 - bonita,ca

Beatriz Velazquez (Hernandez) |
Hi Mariners! I would have been class of 85 but things happen. I heard of the class reunion from my good friend Norma. I would like to hear from old classmates and see how they are doing. I am married and have four girls. The oldest is out of high school and has moved to California to pursue a career. Take care and God bless you all!!!
Wednesday July 20, 2005 16:08 - Des Moines, IA

Jerry O'Neill 1972 |
new e-mail address

like to hear from old friends
Tuesday July 19, 2005 19:26 - Wentworth,Mo

Dawn Stratton |
Please contact me about the 30 year reunion for the class of 1976. We have begun to plan and are thinking about the last weekend in July 2006. Probably a Friday night mixer and some sort of event on Saturday. We're looking into locations. Have any info on classmates or suggestions? My contact info on the reunion page is incorrect. My address is misspelled.

nry, please correct my address. The r is missing in QUINTERO. It should read dawnquintero@hotmail.
Monday July 18, 2005 21:33 - Bonita, CA

Mark Petty 76 |
Mark Petty 1976
Henry, Please update my e mail address.......Thanks,
Mark P.
Monday July 18, 2005 14:17 - chula v ista

Laura Lopez (Bowers), '84 |
Wow Here I am 21 years later. Life has been wonderful. James Sr. ( Jimmy Bowers 83 ) and I are doing great. Our 18 year old son James Jr just graduated from Antioch High School. Boy did it bring back the good times of High School. Our 16 year old daughter Ashley has 2 years to go, I'm sure she will let us live to see her graduation if we are good (Ha Ha). We were in Imperial Beach last summer and to see all the changes it was real weird but real nice. We walked the pier and the beach and talked about when we first met and all the sunsets that we enjoyed on the beach. We went to the High School and walked around. Wow what memmories. No matter what they do with the anchor or the school I still have my memmories even after 21 years and more years to come I'm sure.

Saturday July 16, 2005 13:27 - Antioch, Calif

Maria Garcia, 97 |
Hi everyone! I am a special education teacher for the South Bay Union School District and loving it! I will start the masters program this fall 2005 at SDSU. I'm not married and I don't have any children. I hope everyone is doing fine and accomplishing all their goals.
Friday July 15, 2005 19:31 - Imperial Beach

anne (johnson) lopez c/o 92 |
hi c/o 92 hope you're all doing well hope to see you all in 2012 by any chance has any one spoke with kelle nash? :( it would e nice if we all got 2 gether just like the good old days to all that understand what i mean miss u and luv u send me an e mail hope to hear from RE RH KN EZ JA ty anne
Friday July 15, 2005 03:22 - san diego ca

Michelle Sanchez (Mendez) c/o 2000 |
Hey class of 2000. I was just browsing the internet and found this website. So I decided to register my email address.
Feel free to send me an email!

Thursday July 14, 2005 21:08 - Lemon Grove/California

Carrie Larmour 1988 |
I just wanted to see some familiar names and possible faces. It’s been over 16 years since I graduated and pretty much left IB. I did revisit about two yeas ago and reminisced during Sand Castle competition, and again that same year to watch my Niece graduate from my Alumni. It looked very much the same. :) Things are great in my world. I’m married, 13 years with two beautiful daughters. I married the “boy” I was dating my senior year, Paul (Hendry). Take care and I would love to hear form any one who remembers to fun times at Mar Vista High.
Thursday July 14, 2005 18:37 - Los Angeles, CA

Alex Luna- |
Hey ya'll just wanted to say hi! Well so i guess growing up does suck! j/k! it sure is different on the outside of those walls...Anyway I just wanted say Hello! to all my past, present and future acquaintances and friends..Bye
Thursday July 14, 2005 15:45 - San Diego, Ca

Johanna Quiroz (Retes) |
I've been married for 8 years to a wonderfull man "EL RUSSO" Jesus Quiroz
We have 2 kids Sebastian 6 and Montserrat 1 1/2. We could not make it to the reunion but hope it was fun. We're living a great life !!!!!!
Wednesday July 13, 2005 21:32 - San diego

Norma Ortega (Westbrook), '85 |
Last Saturday (7/9/05) was our 20th year reunion. Had a blast!!! Maria and Eloy thank you for the "after party drinks". See you all soon and take care!!!
Wednesday July 13, 2005 19:37 - San Diego, CA

Bobby Moreno c/o 1995 |
I'm still spining the turntables and moving the crowds.I dj at events like electric dasiy carnival, nocturnal wonderland...
Wednesday July 13, 2005 16:52 - Chula Vista Ca

Karla Portillo |
I've been blessed with a great husband of 17+ years and have 2 awesome kids!
I missed our 20th class reunion but hope to be there for the next one :)
Tuesday July 12, 2005 17:01 - San Diego Ca.

Art Grant, '67 |
I moved to Paso Robles after grade 10, 1965, and graded in '67. College, drafted, more college, then Canada. Since I've contacted Payaso, I've managed to contact a few others, but would like to hear from anyone from Southwest Jr, or Sunset (San Ysidro) as well as MVHS - Does anyone know whereabouts of Arthur & Mario Ayala or Jim Pavlicek?
Tuesday July 12, 2005 13:02 - Kelowna, B.C. Canada

Ramon Vazquez 84 |
Monday July 11, 2005 21:04 - Chula Vista, CA

Samantha Green Class 0f 1997 |
Hi Everyone! Just moved back from Las Vegas. Have 2 kids, boy and a girl. Became a Certified EMT. Still working on finishing Paramedic school and hopefully entering the Fire Department as a Firemedic. Its alot of schooling. :) I'd like to hear from old friends so don't be too shy to email me. :)
Monday July 11, 2005 15:55 - San Diego, CA

Mike Maxwell, 1985 |
I'm married and have three girls: Rhianne (12), Erin & Eliese (8, twins!). I earned a doctorate in animal behavior at UC Davis, then went to Massachusetts for 4 years. I was teaching at University of San Diego for a while, and now am a biology professor at National University.
Monday July 11, 2005 15:44 - San Diego, CA

Olivia Galeana (Evans) 1994 |
Hello everone! Still living overseas for now but will be returning to cali. next year. Whoo Hoo! I'm so excited to finally be coming home. My husband Josh and i miss the states a lot. Our boys (Jacob 3yrs and Don 18mo) are getting so big. It'll be nice to have them spend time with the family. We've been away so long. Well, keep in touch all. Till next year. C-ya.
Monday July 11, 2005 10:11 - Naples, Italy

Susan Larson 1964 |
Just would like to say hi to the students that remember me. Would love to get re-acquited.
Sunday July 10, 2005 20:29 - Chula Vista, Ca.

Dale Wilbur Class of 1974 |
Hi Mariners!!!! Don't forget the Sandcastle Contest in I.B.!!!
On Sunday, July 17, there will be a band playing at the pier. They are called "Evading Alastor". They have moved here from New Mexico recently. They will be playing from noon until about 2pm. I had the pleasure of seeing them in June and they are pretty darn good. Come out and take in a listen to them. They would appreciate the support and I think that you would like them.
Peace Mariners...
Sunday July 10, 2005 19:14 - South San Diego

David Vega 1985 |
We had our 20th year class reunion last night. We had a great time just like if it was 1985. It was alot of fun listening to all the adventure we had together during those fantastic years. Hope to see everyone soon again.
Take Care!!!
Sunday July 10, 2005 13:13 - San Ysidro Ca

Ken Gregory 1970 |
Still doing well .Married to Liz Kelley of Coronado between us we have 7 kids and 6 grandchildern 5 of those girls and 1 boy.
Friday July 8, 2005 08:17 - Flagstaff,Arizona

John J Goodson, Class of 1966 |
Go, Marinars,Green & Gold Forever. Money is the name of the Game! Every one wants it, yet we never seem to have enough. I hold two Horonary Doctorates in religious studies. I am retired due to a disability service connected(PTSD) 'NAM! Doorgunner 11-69 to 11-70. but who cares that was over 30 yrs ago. I have been married twice,the first one just didn't work. She was to young and pretty, This one is older than me and beautiful inside. She loves and adores me for who I am now. She could careless about my past, She is a true CHRISTIAN because she forgives everyones past fualts. She has given me two wonderful step children, & 4 somewhat roudy grand-children.
Wednesday July 6, 2005 21:56 - San Diego,CA

Diana Duckett-Young |
Hello All Class of 94... Are there any pictures from our renunion?
Wednesday July 6, 2005 16:39 - Simi Valley/CA

1972 |
Hi everyone
Hope to hear from some old friends soon
Tuesday July 5, 2005 22:00 - Wentworth,Mo

Natashia Rogers 2000 |
Hey all! Just living the grown up life in the Bay. when's the reunion?
Tuesday July 5, 2005 13:41 - San Francisco, CA

(Wallace) Justin Miller 1997 |
I'm 27 now, with a great wife (Sunny) and a beautiful 10 month old daughter (Elise). I'm in the Army, doing military intelligence as an Arabic linguist, and after moving to Ft. Drum,NY, I'll be in Iraq before 2006.
Sunday July 3, 2005 01:55 - San Angelo, TX

Eric Phillips 2000 |
well, for those that knew me in High school, I am back in IB.. seperated from my estranged wife... getting divorced in October 05' anyone who I know or who knew me back then please e-mail me!

BTW ATTN: All Alumni involved in Drama or Thespian Troupe 3144, Ms. Z (A.k.a. Ms. Lambert or "Lamb") Is retiring at the end of the 05'- 06' school year
Saturday July 2, 2005 13:11 - Imperial Beach, Ca

Eileen Harrod 1997 |
Got married, bought a house in Norwalk, had another beautiful little boy, still working for Boeing and enjoying life with my husband and my boys, Jonathan 5 and Jacob 1 month old.
Friday July 1, 2005 15:37 - Norwalk, Ca

Robert Bailey 1991 |
Hey everyone, I just thought I would drop by and say hello. I hope you all are doing well! Feel free to email me and say hello. My email address is

Take care!
Friday July 1, 2005 01:03 - Carlsbad, CA