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Tue 23 Dec 2014 02:10:05
Name : Lollie
Email : Big Brother
Merry Christmas Big Brother. Blessings to you. Love, your little sis
Thu 13 Nov 2014 10:41:32
Name : Tom 52
Email : RU OK
What's up Doc?????????????????????
Mon 20 Oct 2014 07:27:58
Name : Tom 52
Email : Spelling
Hank, Try 'SYZYGY.'
Wed 10 Sep 2014 10:44:07
Name : WRT
Email : Henry
I'm the same way, buddy. There's a half dozen words I have to check each and every time I use them.

You never answered my question about them old Woody Allen movies.
Tue 09 Sep 2014 11:30:37
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : cain't spell worth a lick

I get so frustrated.. I'm 72 years old and I STILL can't spell "their" and "label". I misspell them EVERY FRIGGEN TIME. WHEN AM I GONNA GROW UP, I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME.. GRRRRRR

I misspell a lot of words, but these simple words you'd think I'd have mastered by now.

Sat 24 May 2014 06:47:11
Name : PAW
Email :
You don't have to eliminate carbs altogether, just cut back.
Diet Snapple instead of soft drinks.
Cut back on milk. Cut way back on pasta, bread, sweets and potatoes. Try Atkins candy bars for your sweets. The one that resembles a BABY RUTH and the coconut one are quite good.
Buy a big SUMMER SAUSAGE and have a chunk of it and some cheese for your late night snack.
And, as my doctor says, set aside one day a week where you can have anything you want.
You will lose weight.
Fri 23 May 2014 05:29:57
Name : d
Email : Jo
Ditto Jo. I did the same in Alaska where you pack it on in the 9 months of winter.
I was trying to remember the name of the diet and have both books.
Thu 22 May 2014 10:51:11
Name : Jo
Email :
That is the Atkins diet...I tried it about 10 years ago and the weight melted off me...lost 40 lbs in a month a half...as soon as I started eating something besides meat, eggs and cheese the weight packed back on in no time...my hair started falling out because of lack of vegetables and my cholesterol shot thru the ceiling...for people that it works for that is great...it sure didn't work for me and was unhealthy as hell....the ONLY way to lose weight is eat less and exercise more..!!.
Tue 20 May 2014 10:09:45
Name : Believe it or not
Email : Henry
Actually it might surprise you how easy it is. You won't have any carb cravings whatsoever because of the butter, none. When you're ready you'll give it a try I'm sure. ;-)
Sun 18 May 2014 05:34:12
Name : Henry
Email : Belive it or not

I "believe it or not".

But... I doubt I can adhere to it (you can insert audience laugh here).

Tue 20 May 2014 10:04:45
Name : Believe it or not
Email : Henry
Actually it might surprise you how easy it is. You won't have any carb cravings whatsoever because of the butter, none. When you're ready you'll give it a try I'm sure. ;-)
Sun 18 May 2014 03:59:26
Name : Believe it or not
Email :
The fastest easiest way to lose weight is to eat only protein and fat, all you want and absolutely NO carbohydrates. No bread or breading of any kind. Eat steak, hamburger, eggs, cheese and butter (organic grass-fed Ghee is even better and healthier for you). All you want, within reason. Cook only in butter, no vegetable oils, none. You can eat block cheese like Jack Cheese or Cheddar Cheese but no processed cheese like American Cheese Slices or Velveeta or Cheese Whiz. Also no Pepper Jack Cheese, only block cheese.. but all you want, within reason. No processed/sliced meat like baloney, turkey, chicken or ham because they contain sugars. No bacon or sausage as they also contain sugar. No dairy like milk or cottage cheese, buttermilk, etc. No carbs. No carbs. No carbs. No exceptions. Drink water. Black Coffee. No cream or sugar of any kind. The weight will melt off like you wouldn't believe. Try it for just a few days and you'll see for yourself. You'll be so motivated you'll continue without hesitation. Be sure to eat lots of fat, butter. It keeps you from being hungry. Add as much as you want to each meal. I add several (3 or 4) tablespoons of butter to every meal. You can do this diet indefinetley. I have done this since January 1st. Contrary to popular belief your cholesterol will drop to healthy levels and it will not clog your arteries. We've been lied to all these years. If you watch those videos posted earlier from the 700 Club you'll see it cures diabetes and cancer too. Believe it or don't, I don't care.

Alright naysayers, the ones that can't give up sodas, sugar, breads, pastas, dairy and carbs to save their lives, jump in, I'm not listening.
Sat 17 May 2014 05:40:56
Name : Tom 52
Email : The Archie Moore Diet
Brother Hank, ah ha, How did Archie lose 40 pounds so often to fight at Light heavy? Easy, eat pounds and pounds of meat but don't swallow the meat, just extract the juice and throw the remains in a paper sack. That deed and lots of water and juices is remarkable.

Have a Happy
Sat 17 May 2014 12:27:16
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : diet or die some more

I was starting to walk kinda, sorta, gooder.... until I fell down some concrete stairs, on my arm. Now I can't walk no good (barely at all).

It's hard to just stand up. So I thought maybe if I lost some weight I might be able to get past my gigantic swollen feet, ankles and calves, and maybe kinda, sorta walk a little.. So I went and weighed myself for a starting point.

MY GOD!!.. I WEIGH 275LBS.. Now I know why my apt building is leaning to one side.. I thought it was just the lighting.

I'm going to have to diet. Is there any greater stimuli for Hari-Kari then having to diet???
Mon 14 Apr 2014 10:36:04
Name : to Webmaster about Oldies Board
Email :
Yes sir you fixed it! Thank you and may the Heathen High cheerleaders visit you in your dreams. ;-)
Sat 17 May 2014 12:26:24
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : must diet or die some more

I was starting to walk kinda, sorta, gooder.... until I fell down some concrete stairs, on my arm. Now I can't walk no good (barely at all).

It's hard to just stand up. So I thought maybe if I lost some weight I might be able to get past my gigantic swollen feet, ankles and calves, and maybe kinda, sorta walk a little.. So I went and weighed myself for a starting point.

MY GOD!!.. I WEIGH 275LBS.. Now I know why my apt building is leaning to one side.. I thought it was just the lighting.

I'm going to have to diet. Is there any greater stimuli for Hari-Kari then having to diet???

Sun 13 Apr 2014 05:46:42
Name : Webmaster
Email : to webmaster

I think I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

Sat 29 Mar 2014 04:35:30
Name : to Webmaster
Email :
On the Oldies board I posted a question today and it was placed below an older post. Thanks.
Tue 25 Feb 2014 10:52:26
Name : about Diabetes
Email :
Cure Diabetes with Protein & Fat
More than 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes. That's 10 times the number from just 50 years ago.
But even with diets filled with sugar and soaring obesity rates, there is hope. Some people are reversing their Type II diabetes, getting off their medications, and feeling great.
This report focuses on Type II diabetes, which represents 90 to 95 percent of all diabetes cases.
Like millions of Americans, Janet Huffstetler felt diabetes was ruining her life. Then she changed her diet.
"I will tell you I have never felt so good," she said. "I think having my body free of sugar and carbs and processed chemicals has made such a difference in how I approach everything. I am just an entirely different person."
It's a far cry from the fear she felt eight years ago when doctors first diagnosed her with diabetes. She had seen what the disease did to her uncle.
"He ended up on full dialysis and blind," she recalled. "He also had coronary bypass surgery. They had started talking about amputation, but he died."
Diabetes is when you have too much sugar in your bloodstream. The standard treatment is largely medication.

More Meds, More Problems
Huffstetler's first doctor put her on medication that led to weight gain and depression.
"[It] kind of made me feel sluggish, it made me dizzy, it made me lethargic," she recalled. "It was very hard to get motivated to do anything I should have been doing, more exercise and everything."
Daily life became a series of finger sticks, constantly monitoring her blood sugar levels.
"I was doing it four times a day, and they would tell you 'You have to do it on this side, so you can do it on that side the next time.' And your fingers became very sore," she said. "And I work at a computer and it's not fun."
Believing there had to be a better way, she changed doctors.
"I came home and Googled and Dr. Westman's name kept coming up. And I was fortunate enough to get in to see him within a month, which, I must have called and gotten an immediate cancellation," she said.

Diet-Only Approach
That appointment sent her to the nationally recognized Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic led by Dr. Eric Westman. He helped reverse Huffstetler's diabetes through his diet-only approach.
"Diabetes and obesity is complicated," Westman explained. "There are lots of factors that are involved, but most experts agree that it's the foods and the beverages that people eat that are the major cause for diabetes and obesity in the U.S., and so that should be the major focus of treatment."
Instead of treating the sugar in his patients' blood with medicine, Westman instructs them to eliminate their sugar intake.
Westman said he gets diabetes patients who are unhappy with the treatment they've received thus far.
"I took someone off 180 units of insulin for their diabetes in two days. And this is not unusual," he told CBN News. "This individual was on diabetes medicine, injectable insulin, for 10 years. And just by changing the foods that person no longer needs insulin in two days."
"And that's because the insulin was treating the sugar in the foods that the person was eating," he continued. "In that case the individual was drinking two liters of sugar-sweetened beverage every day and taking insulin to treat the sugar-sweetened beverage.
"Now this could be sweet tea in the South, orange juice in the North, any beverage that has sugar in it, this was raising the blood sugar," Westman explained.
"And the doctor, the clinical doctors, put him on insulin without addressing the food component, the cause from the foods," he said. "I instructed him to take away all the sugars, the starches in the foods and in the drinks. He never needed insulin again. It's pretty amazing."
Westman said his program is tremendously successful for the patients who do it.

A Success Story
Susan Hollowell did it and went from spending $400 a month on diabetes drugs down to zero.
"I was insulin-dependent, five injections a day," she recalled. "The third day of my diet my blood sugar dropped to 150 and I asked Dr. Westman, 'What should I do about my insulin?' I didn't want to go over. And he said, 'Get off of it.'"
Three months later she was 20 pounds lighter and had more energy than before.
"I wasn't involved in any clubs or organizations, didn't want to go to church very often, and now that's not the case," she said.

Managing Sugar Withdrawals
Westman admitted it's not easy for some people to give up sugar.
"There's a feed-forward, a drive that comes from eating sugar, that eating sugar makes you want to eat more sugar," he explained.
So his patients use artificial sweeteners to manage their withdrawal symptoms. Huffstetler remembers how she did it.
"When I first started, the little individual sugar-free Jello things, I would come and put whip cream on it; it would take care of the sweet," Huffstetler recalled.
"Now I was so amazed with this program," she said. "After a while you don't crave those things any more. You don't want it. When I have family dinners I have to really work on thinking about dessert for Thanksgiving or whatever because my mind just doesn't go there anymore."
In addition to sugar, Westman's diabetes diet also limits starches, like bread, pasta, and rice, because they also raise your blood sugar.

Butter and Oil, It's All Good!
Surprisingly, the diet allows patients to eat fats: the unsaturated kind like olive oil and avocados, and saturated fat like coconut oil and butter.
Although this diet might sound revolutionary, it's actually a throw-back. If you notice, old medical textbooks dating back to the years before insulin was discovered, advised physicians to put their diabetic patients on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet."
Westman tells his patients not to worry about eating saturated fat because he says the latest science reveals it does not cause heart disease.
"So now we're in a phase of education, trying to get the word out about the cholesterol in the blood and the arteries and all that, do not get adversely affected by a high fat diet," he said.
So to avoid diabetes, or reverse it, put the brakes on sugar and starch. It's not always easy but well worth the effort.

Video here:
Sat 15 Feb 2014 12:11:35
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : endless evolution

I've had the flu for about 5 days now. The fever actually broke on the third day, and I've been getting better every day since. But it's nasty.

I didn't get a flu shot this year. I was so old, I thought my body had built a defense for any variation that would come along. I WAS WRONG.. it's a nasty one that starts off with a chronic cough. I didn't even know it was the flu until it was way too late.

Talk about evolution.. the flu virus will never be eradicated.. it just evolves into something new every friggen year!!

Wed 12 Feb 2014 04:25:14
Name : WRT
Email : Slacker Jack
I don't think Bill O'Reilly hates ANY Americans. Except maybe drug dealers and other felons.

The truth sometimes hurts, but as usual, liberals react by trying to label it as hate speech. I guess if anyone mentions that there's drug and gang problems, along with too many children being raised without fathers, in the inner cities, that's also hate speech AND racist according to the left. Just throw more money at the problem, but NEVER attach any blame to the "victims" or you're a hater.

Here's a link to what O'Reilly actually said. You can all make up your own minds, instead of getting it second hand from O'Reilly bashers.

Wed 12 Feb 2014 11:16:34
Name : To Slacker Jack
Email : From PAW
No doubt about it. Oreilly came down pretty hard on Appalachia. Not everything he said was untrue though. I'm glad I don't live there.
Politicians misspeak all the time.
Obama... you can keep your doctor (20 some times)
Jesse Jackson referred to NY as "Jaime town."
Nancy Pelosi... we have to pass this bill to see what's in it.
Hillary Clinton telling how she landed in Europe under gunfire hat didn't exist.
Joe Biden..."You cannot go to a 7-11 or dunkin donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent."
Linden Johnson.. I'll have those n_____s voting democrat for the next 200 years."
Tue 11 Feb 2014 11:37:48
Name : yep yep yep uh huh uh huh uh huh
Email :
I guess you missed:

Hollywood Hillbillies currently airing on Reelz Channel, a reality show featuring the life of a Georgia family who moves to Hollywood.

Cain't forget:

My Big Redneck Wedding (CMT)
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC)
Swamp People (History Channel)
Duck Dynasty (A&E)
Hillbilly Handfishin' (Animal Planet)
Lady Hoggers (A&E)
Redneck Island (CMT)
Moonshiners (Discovery Channel)
Bayou Billionaires (CMT)
Buckwild (MTV)
My Big Redneck Vacation
Redneck Rehab (CMT)
Backyard Oil
Myrtle Manor
Hillbilly Blood: A Hardscrabble Life

Tue 11 Feb 2014 11:07:53
Name : about Hillbillies
Email :
No one cares. For the majority, no one really cares unless it's about them, no matter what topic or category you're talking about. They feign concern in public, sure, but that's it. That's the way it's been, the way it is, and the way it will always be. End of story.
Mon 10 Feb 2014 08:23:21
Name : Slacker Jack
Email : Hillbillies
From previous post: Zell Miller of Georgia is the only well-known person who has ever stood up publicly to try to end this crippling multigenerational Appalachian stereotype. He single-handedly created enough flak several years ago to prevent television producers from creating a Beverly Hillbillies Reality Show that would have placed an Appalachian family in a Beverly Hills mansion and ridiculed them for a year. Can you imagine if the producers had even suggested doing the same with a Beverly _____ Reality Show? (You fill in the blank with the most insensitive racial or ethnic or cultural slur you can think of.)

The reality show producers even advertised in our local newspapers for an ignorant mountain family, all expenses paid. Can you imagine the justifiable outrage if they had placed such advertisements in the Atlanta or Birmingham or New York papers for an ignorant _____ family to send out to Beverly Hills and ridicule for a year.

While some racial and ethnic and cultural groups recently tried to get a newspaper cartoonist fired, and rightfully so, for depicting the shooting of a “stimulus plan gorilla,” O’Reilly was shooting down the future of an entire culture by perpetuating a century-old stereotype in the most egregious and offensive manner—and we ought to be outraged. We ought to care, and care deeply, because the issue is infinitely larger and more far-reaching than simply our own personal irritation with O’Reilly.

Actually, O’Reilly is small potatoes when one considers what we as a culture are up against. This negative stereotyping of our culture is becoming more focused and pronounced than ever before, simply because it has become politically incorrect to target other groups. Think of all the other minorities in this country who are discriminated against. Are any of them summarily and publicly declared to be ignorant and of low IQ? Can you name any other such group?

Other minorities may be insidiously stereotyped and discriminated against for assorted other reasons, but they are not blatantly and openly ridiculed as ignorant. And now, O’Reilly has added “immoral” and “drug-addicted” to our litany of Appalachian stereotypes, as well as our being unworthy to live in our own mountain homeland. Our children should move to Miami, he says. Oh, my.

Even “rednecks,” who are everywhere and are a social class rather than a culture, are not dismissed as ignorant and inferior to other people because of intelligence. In fact, rednecks are often praised for their many independent and self-sufficient attributes, except for those rednecks who also happen to be classified as ignorant hillbillies in one-gallused overalls sleeping with their sisters and the farm animals.

Fortunately some “outlanders” do “get it” and are embarrassed by the likes of O’Reilly, but the fact remains that no one outside of an abused group can truly “feel” it without having “felt” it. No one without minority physical characteristics or other personal differences can truly “feel” that discrimination. No one outside someone with a mountain accent (or any other accent or dialect outside the prevailing norm) can “feel” a job interviewer lose interest when you open your mouth to answer
a question.

O’Reilly is hate-filled, but he is not a fool. He has built an empire by spouting the poisonous hatred that millions of people want to hear. They do listen to him and are influenced by him. While he himself is not fully the issue, he is a flash point for bigotry and intolerance, and that is why he is dangerous.

Yes, O’Reilly is a catalyst, but he is not the source of our problem. We are. We are to blame for not doing everything we can to root out such ignorant O’Reilly-type bigotry, to expose it for what it is, and then to replace it by honoring who we really are—by honoring our centuries-old heritage of persistence, perseverance, courage, loyalty, and love of freedom nourished for generations by our Scottish, English, Irish, German, Welsh, and Cherokee ancestors.

Why can we not pick up our pine knots and go to war against this blatant, insidious destruction of our culture? It will not take care of itself, and no one else is going to do it for us.

For the past 125 years, especially during wars and periods of economic depression, people have come into our mountains to exploit us as easy targets as they irreversibly destroy our forests, scalp our mountaintops, pollute our rivers, turn our community schools into mega-institutions, raise our taxes, rape our land with roads and airports and cookie-cutter shopping malls, and ultimately pollute our DNA.

It becomes increasingly harder to identify real native mountaineers, and within a few more generations our real culture, like that of the Melungeons, may fade into oblivion long before the stereotypes disappear.

Our centuries-old physical characteristics will be gone, along with our language, values, customs, ethics, and morals; and that is why it is important for writers and storytellers and videographers to work overtime now to record our rapidly vanishing culture, to record who we are.

Children in the future may be asking, “Who exactly were the hillbillies? Where did they live? Where did they come from? Where did they go?” And their mothers will respond, “You must not say that ‘H’ word. It is politically incorrect.”

Let us now pick up our pine knots
Mon 10 Feb 2014 08:22:05
Name : Slacker Jack
Email : How About Them Hillbillies?
This wonderful and knowledgeable blogger that writes the following is Betty Cloer Wallace. Ms. Wallace resides in Western North Carolina and is a direct descendant of Roderick Shelton, first English settler in Madison County,NC. She teaches writing and literature at a local community college.

Bill O’Reilly’s recent(2009)contemptible rant against Appalachian Americans is only the latest example of the widespread and multigenerational problem of Appalachian hillbilly stereotypes.

Quite simply, O’Reilly reminded the world once again that people of the Appalachian Mountains are still the only cultural group in America that many people have the audacity to ridicule publicly as being of low intelligence, and worse.

Can you imagine if O’Reilly had made the same despicable statements about ________ in _________, or ________ in ________, or _______ in ________. (Fill in the blanks with any racial or ethnic or cultural slurs you can imagine, the more insensitive the better.)

Betty Cloer WallaceHow can we as a people ever overcome this pervasive hillbilly stereotype? Why do we continue to pull in our heads like turtles and pretend we don’t care and that we will survive regardless of the outside world? Well, I do care—for myself, my family and friends, and my culture—and I don’t believe that we are surviving very well or will survive in the future as a culture with a shred of honor and dignity if we do not rise up, en masse, and protest at every opportunity this kind of insensitive abuse.

We continue to loll about in our insular Snuffy Smith, Lil Abner, Mammy Yokum, Jed Clampett, grits-and-possum stereotype as if the opinion of the rest of the world does not matter, even while we are being brutalized every time someone laughs at our dialect or accent, or asks WHERE are you from, or rejects us for a job, or does not publish our writing because how could an ignorant hillbilly possibly have something to say.

A professor at the University of Colorado once said to our own Charles Frazier, “Imagine that! A hillbilly with a Ph.D.!” Even worse than the professor thinking such a misbegotten thought was that she felt entitled to publicly say it right to his face. Can you imagine her making that statement to a person of any other racial or ethnic or cultural group? “Imagine that! A ______ with a Ph.D.!”

As much as I love COLD MOUNTAIN, both book and movie, I hated the “Young Mammy Yokum” portrayal of Ruby by Renee Zellweger who won an Academy Award for it. (Frazier’s Ruby in the book had a quiet strength and wisdom, as do most native Appalachian people.) As much as I love our bluegrass music, I hated the stereotypical portrayal of ignorance in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

And, when I worked in the Alaskan Arctic, an Eskimo woman who had seen a “Songcatcher” DVD asked me why hillbillies don’t fix up their houses. She thought the stage-set ramshackle buildings in that movie were really the kind in which we actually live—rather like us stereotyping Eskimos as living in ice-block igloos, the difference being that we are stereotyped as being too dumb or lazy to fix up our houses while Eskimos are stereotyped as being intelligent enough to survive in an extreme place.

In the age of global communication, this debilitating hillbilly stereotype is pervasive even internationally, and it affects us negatively on so many levels.

For the past century, companies that have considered our region for placing new enterprises have looked for local “hands” to do their low-level jobs, while bringing in management and executives (the “brains”) from outside; and now no one even considers Appalachia as a place where management would want to bring their own families to live or where intelligent local people might be available for employment.

Further compounding the problem, too many of our local governments are now made up of second-tier pseudo-leaders who are interested primarily in promoting tourism; but who, we should ask ourselves, will own the new hotels and mountaintop second-homes and assorted eateries the appointed tourist boards and self-serving chambers of commerce say we need—and who will be paying increased taxes for infrastructure to support them, and cleaning their rooms and waiting their tables and manicuring their lawns?

The local “hands,” of course, are expected to do those low-level jobs. This servant mentality is deeply embedded in our history and culture and language, and all of us have perpetuated it simply by not rising up and fighting it. “He/she is a good hand to_____,” we say.

Mon 10 Feb 2014 03:00:59
Name : Corn Wall Jackson
Email : Hillbilly Heaven
Am I a hillbilly? Possibly. some books say: An Often Disparaging and Offensive person. A person from a backwoods or other remote area, especially from the mountains of the southern U.S.

Mon 03 Feb 2014 02:24:07
Name : d
Email : Mr. M
Awesome post Jawbone. Keep in mind Mary Martin's husband, Ken Purvis. HE IS ONE STRONG CHARACTER FOR THE LAST YEAR'S EPISODES HE HAS ENDURED.
Sun 02 Feb 2014 11:35:22
Name : Jawbome 52
Email : to die or to be dieing; rather then to cast a die.
Oops, I meant those dying dentures. Have a happy
Fri 31 Jan 2014 05:10:55
Name : Jawbone 1952
Email : Darn those Dieing Dentures
Hank, I already look like a Hillbilly Clown. If you aren't too much of a scare-dy cat, look up Osteonecrosis of The Jaw. I sure have it bad. Yes, ONJ disease secondary to bisphosphonates. Talk about Hillbilly!!! This disease eats the bone, rot's the teeth, makes a huge hole in one's jaw and is incurable. I would send you a photo but it might startle you.

I have only five teeth in the lower jaw, a massive hole that has to drained often (Hurt!!!) to top off the damn dirty disease, and the rotten dead teeth cannot be pulled. If you tamper with the gums and try to pull the dead teeth out, you just open the flood gates for more of the opportunistic drug that mixes with one's mouth bacteria and just as it's name implies,eats your jawbone away. Yep, Osteonecrosis of The Jaw is a devastating and disfiguring disease.

When I am in public and forget to have my jaw bandaged, people freak out. I just went to a funeral yesterday and my Parkinson's Disease went berserk. A lady whispered to me to quit twitching my right shoulder. I whispered back that there was nothing I could do as I ad Parkinson's disease. She then said, "then please move." I did.

Last night I trained five youngsters from 6-8 p.m. I never have a problem when I am training and working out. But today, I was at a meeting and damned if I didn't start jerking and then came a dozen or more sharp knife like pain in my right shoulder. It progressed so much that I had to rush to my car, find a knife to open my opiate package and shoot a squirt under my tongue. five minutes later I was fine.

Since you mentioned that your problem was incurable, have you possibly caught ONJ disease? Early stages? I sure hope not.

I suppose we should be grateful we are alive. As I am now in another phase of treating advanced cancer...Metastatic cancer to be exact, life can sure be tough and makes one wonder just what keeps him/she going.

Over the last 17 years with cancer, osteoporosis, eye disease, Parkinson's Disease, IBS, Gallbladder Disease, Heart Stint, Kidney disease, Thyroid pre-cancer operation, throat polyps removed, hemorrhoid removal, penile operation, and a few other minor problems, I sure as shooting have had my share of depression. Fortunately for me I have a strong support system and caring spouse and a desire to still make a difference in a few peoples lives. Perhaps I will last one more banquet and raise a few thousand dollars for the children with cancer that are featured at my annual banquet. Just think, most of them are gone before age 14-15. Our 2012 Queen, Consuelo Martinez, died this past October of liver cancer. She has just turned 14.

* Elvis died way too young. So we have lived longer to admire him and his volumes of artistic work. The King lives through us.

Alas, we have our woes but the children with cancer have woes all the time and their only future a sure-fire early death. How my son survived when given last rites at age 18 months is partly due to my not accepting the prognosis and stopping the priest's last rites.

Hank my brother, I have to mush much of my food and I drool all over my clothing. I can't eat any hard food or a steak. Yet I look forward to my next boxing training session, my science magazines, and my wife's love and care.

So what? Have a Happy
Fri 31 Jan 2014 09:20:45
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : no teephes

I had to have a front tooth pulled. It was too weak to stay and it was starting to hurt.

I have another front tooth that is so badly decayed it can't be saved.

The dentist told me I'm gonna lose most of my teeth to bone disease, which is incurable.

I'm at the point of hoping I die before I look like some hillbilly clown.

Mon 27 Jan 2014 09:54:28
Name : PAW
Email :
Along with Telephase the Neptune Society is another reasonable cremation provider. They have a website.
We used Humphrey mortuary for cremation and Glen Abbey in Bonita for ashes burial. This was about 5-7 years ago. The cremations ran about $2500 each and the tiny little burial plot was $5000, for a total of $10K.
I'm not unhappy but I think I could have saved some money by using Telephase or Neptune and buying a plot at a place other than Glen Abbey.
It's a very easy thing to put off but a good feeling after it's done.
Sun 26 Jan 2014 10:24:33
Name : Ralph
Email :
No chance of being burned alive. Your body goes into a freezer until the cremation permit is acquired. That takes a few days.
Fri 24 Jan 2014 04:23:58
Name : Valid Fear
Email : to: Henry
I think if your dead for at least 3 days, rigor mortis has set in and your body is decaying, there's probably not much chance of coming back to life. Throw in a few extra days as a precaution, heck, make it a full week and you'll be deader than a door nail. There's also some religions that don't embalm, so claim that religion whatever it is and you won't have a chance of being drained of any life you might possibly have. I'm sure Tom McKay has plenty of stories of people coming back to life after they were buried, so don't get him started. LOL
Fri 24 Jan 2014 02:03:12
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : buried alive

Some time in my youth I developed a fear (phobia?) of being buried alive. And to heighten that fear, I'm also clostriphobic. The thought of being buried alive in such closed quarters… just, freaks me out.

For that reason, I don't want to be cremated, burned alive, and of course I don't want to be buried alive either.

You prolly think I'm kidding. If so, ask Ann Fox, '75… I have a sworn oath from here that she will make SURE that I'm dead before I'm buried. I don't know how she's going to do it, but I want her to try something.

By the way, at my funeral, if there is one, I want the song "My Way" sung by Elvis Presley played. I don't care if nobody is at my funeral, I'LL BE THERE!!

Fri 24 Jan 2014 08:11:26
Name : Ralph
Email :

Preying on people's grief is a big business. My dad's memorial service was held in our church. Of course there was no cost. Pastor Carey knew dad as a fellow believer and a very good friend for many years.
Thu 23 Jan 2014 08:59:14
Name : Tom 52
Email : To Ralph
Right on. I went to three funerals the past two weeks. Scam jobs all. And the family' were mostly on Social Security. Each man that died was a war veteran.
Other than a few incidentals, my burn is already paid for. No 6-10 grand from this old f--t.

have a happy
Thu 23 Jan 2014 09:27:22
Name : Ralph
Email :
I am planning to be cremated. My dad was cremated. When my dad died in his home, telephase came to his home early on a Saturday morning and took possession of his body. Unmarked vehicle in a quiet manner took the body away and held it until they acquired the permit to cremate. They also acquired the specified number of death certificates that I wanted. I had to pay for those. I picked up my dad's ashes and still have them in my home. As far as I can determine that seems to be the least expensive "way to go". If I remember correctly the total cost of the entire process was $1025. That was paid way in advance and there were no additional costs at the time of his death. I'm not sure what the current cost is but I am sure that it is way less than what funeral homes charge then add to that the burial costs.
Wed 22 Jan 2014 09:27:47
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : half breed

Wow.. all my life I've been calling myself a MESSICAN…

Now for the past week, I've been talking to a relative that has been helping me with the lineage for my "Ascasio" website.

I just found out that my father was ITALIAN, not MESSICAN. My mother was Messican, but not my father. I remember my brother telling me that one time.. but I thought he was full of shit, and was only saying that because he didn't want to be a MESSICAN.

I guess I have a little French in me too.. on my mom's side, in fact she told the nurse my name was Henri (with an "i") but the nurse spelled it with a "y"

HOLY CRAP… no wonder I'm a great lover.. Italian, Messican and French, that's some hot blood… LOL

Tue 21 Jan 2014 08:58:37
Name : Tom 52
Email :
Hank, I am already pre-paid to be ashes. Very inexpensive compared to the other whole enchilada cost.

Have a Happy
Mon 20 Jan 2014 07:26:53
Name : PAW
Email :
Prepaid final expenses aren't cheap but they are a good gift to your kids. All my son has to do is make a phone call.
It's a little bit weird looking down at the ground and thinking that's where I'm going to be in a few years.
Mon 20 Jan 2014 10:05:09
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : death & burial

A few weeks ago I asked y'all if there was a cemetery in Imperial Beach. I guess there isn't one. I wanted to be buried in Imperial Beach, if I could.

But.. I just received an email from a relative about the death of another relative. And this person mentioned that she thought his burial would be in the same cemetery that my father was buried.

That got me thinking.. since Imperial Beach doesn't have a cemetery, why not be buried next to my father, or at least in the same cemetery. This must confirm that I'm a black hearted soul, not to have thunked about being buried next to my father before now.

I wonder, do you normal people know where you're going to be buried?.. in the family plot??

Sat 18 Jan 2014 10:02:40
Name : WRT
Email : about Diabetes and alcohol
Thanks for that info.
Fri 17 Jan 2014 11:35:56
Name : about Diabetes and alcohol
Email :
For diabetics, vodka alone is as safe as it gets (zero carbs too), which is why many diabetics who drink, choose vodka martinis or vodka on the rocks. The issues mainly come from adding mixers, like fruit juices and sodas that contain sugar. As for mixing vodka with "diet" drinks containing sugar substitutes, recent research has shown that sugar substitutes may also be dangerous to diabetics. Some types of booze, such as rum, are not very suitable for diabetics, even when taken without mixers.

(I personally prefer Skyy Vodka, the best.)
Tue 14 Jan 2014 11:46:39
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : The GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY

After my stroke last year, in January, I lost 35 pounds. And in April my diabetes progressed to a worser phase. And it turns out that with HIGH blood surgar levels, your body flushes out all the sugar, but also flushes out nutrients and CALORIES!!! Losing the calories meant losing weight. I went from 263lbs to about 228lbs.

Now that the doc has put me on insulin my blood sugar levels are going way down…BUT, I'm gaining back the weight I loss.

The GOOD, low blood sugar. The BAD, gaining weight. The UGLY, getting old.

I tried to drive my car a few days ago. It was bad, but somehow I managed to do it. Now that have car access.. I think about going out every night and getting FAST FOOD, even though I have a refrigerator full of food.

The GOOD, I can kinda drive a car. The BAD, I can kinda drive a car. The UGLY, I'm gonna be a FAT handicapped dufus.

Mon 13 Jan 2014 07:55:59
Name : Joe
Email : Henry
Henry Bill Davy class of 60 can help you.....
Sun 12 Jan 2014 12:49:59
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : auto body repair

Some bird brain, Looney tune crapped on my car a few years ago. The bird crap streaked down my car door and burned/etched in the paint. I've tried everything I can, to repair it, but can't. It looks UGLY.

Can anybody recommend a auto body shop or person who can repair this reasonably cheap??

Sat 11 Jan 2014 02:45:59
Name : d
Email :
Who woulda thought that black streak going 50 MPH down Palm Ave was the one and only????? LOL
Fri 10 Jan 2014 08:52:15
Name : Tom 52
Email : Keep The Positve/Stun the Negative
Hank, Keep charging your mind and body and the car battery. Hope is sometimes electric.

Love ya Brother

Fri 10 Jan 2014 05:38:41
Name : WRT
Email : Henry
I'm glad to hear you're still progressing! But, please stay safe! And give us updates more frequently if you're able.
Fri 10 Jan 2014 06:31:27
Name : Joe
Email : Henry
Way to go Brother!!!!!!! Keep up the good work........
Thu 09 Jan 2014 10:54:49
Name : Elvis Hank
Email : another milestone

For the first time in a year.. I walked down 3 flights of stairs, "jump started" my car, thanks to Phyllis, and got in my car and drove to the auto shop to have my car battery fully charged.

WHAT A STRUGGLE!! The toughest part was getting in to my sports car (Camaro Z), it's so low to the ground.

Driving was very, very SCARY!! My reaction time is VERY slow.. I just can't move my foot from pedal to pedal at a normal speed, much less very quickly if needed.

I also realized even if I get to the grocery store, anything I bring back is gonna be almost impossible to carry up 3 flights of stairs.

All in all.. even though I can "kinda" walk and "kinda" drive, it's a BAAAD idea. BUT, BUT… if I give up my car, it means I give up hope. If a person has no hope… does he have a reason to live??

Maybe it's ok to keep my car, even if I don't use it…

Wed 01 Jan 2014 06:30:42
Name : d
Email :
Wed 01 Jan 2014 12:27:50
Name : Will Isle Bee
Email : Elvis Still King 36 Years After His Demise
SoundExchange, founded in 2003, collects royalty payments for artists and rights holders from the digital music services, which include satellite radio and streaming television services like Music Choice. Internet radio stations such as Pandora and iHeartRadio, as well as Internet music sites like Last.fm, comprise the majority of the services the organization licenses. The organization's payments are calculated based on how many times the organization receives reports that a user actually listened to a particular track.

Here's the list of SoundExchange's top 10 digitally streamed artists, for 2003 to 2013.

1.Elvis Presley
2.Bruce Springsteen
3.Pearl Jam
7.Lil Wayne
8.The Beatles
9.Taylor Swift
10.Grateful Dead