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'64 Catherine Carlson

Catherine Carlson, was a longtime lounge singer in Las Vegas and Reno from the late 1960s to early 1980's. She appeared on "The Tonight Show" in the late 1960s and early ‘70s and on the annual Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy as a regular for several years. Lewis and Carlson were good friends and he was her daughter’s godfather. 

More commonly known as Cathy, she worked with Lewis, George Burns, Bill Cosby, Don Rickles and others. She also performed on cruise ships. Lewis ventured into recording in the early ‘90s with the CD "Cathy Carlson, Fresh and Colorful." 

She retired to Ramona, Calif., where she was known for her involvement in community events and organizations. 


Ed Teagle

Ed Teagle was inducted into the San Diego County High School Coaching Legends. Teagle was head track coach and athletic director at Mar Vista between 1958-72 where he won six league championships. He then went to Bonita Vista where he won six straight Metro League titles as well. He died of cancer in 1986 at the age of 59.

'75 Kenney Pryce

Kenny was a Professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs organization, 1980-87. 43 wins 33 losses and 51 saves 4.07 era. in 1980 was chosen Most Valuable player in the Colombian League. Was voted MVP of the Caribbean World Series of 1983, while pitching for Ponce, Puerto Rico. Set team record for triple AAA Iowa cubs in 1985 appearing in 51 games. Retired at the end of the 1987 season. Now residing in Dallas, Texas and a member of the triple AAA hall of fame.

'60 Henry Vargas

Henry has created and maintained what is known as the largest high school alumni website in the world. He has taken the time to create a labor of love for the REAL love of his life: Mar Vista High School. 

Henry brought back The Anchor to the front of the school after it was torn down some time in the late '80's to mid '90's.

Henry created the Breakfast Club, a hugely popular meeting of alumni to chat over breakfast

Henry has done for his high school what no other person has accomplished. He’s brought together over 3400 alumni from all over the world; renewing friendships, creating new ones and helping to produce new loves, even a marriage or two.

Trying to maintain and keep going a website is no easy task in the first place but Henry has managed to pull everything together and keep it together. He has been webmaster, facilitator, historian, librarian, judge, father, brother and lover in order to keep the board up to peak operating efficiency.

We are deeply grateful for his time and efforts. There are no words that can fully express what he means to so many people and what he's done for them. 

'84 Joe Quintanilla

Joe has been lucky to have been in several movies, mainly as an extra but with some speaking parts too, such as;

Mr. Jones- Joe was a pedestrian walking on a side walk while, Richard Gere went crazy on the street. This movie was shooting here in San Diego, in the downtown area.

Titanic- he was busy playing all kinds of characters, the poor class, middle and rich. When Titanic wrapped production Joe kept a deck chair that Kate and Leo sat in a key scene as Leo describes to Kate how much he love painting hookers, and the now famous doll that we see at the bottom of the ocean at the beginning of the movie. 

Blow Back- Joe played a bar tender in a key scene in the film, you can clearly see Joe in the bar scene walking up and down talking to the main character who is the serial killer. 

Joe still does films when he has some free time. Throughout his years he got to meet people who he become close friends with. These people have gone on to become famous actors, like C.J. Graham who played Jason in Friday the 13th part 6, also Adrianne King who also was in Friday the 13th part 1, she played Alice who beheads Jason’s mother. There are many more famous friends than we have space to name them all. 


'57 Lou Curtiss

Lou graduated in 1957. He has owned a shop in San Diego called Folk Arts Rare Records since 1967. He has been instrumental over the course of 30 years in organizing and booking over 50 music festivals in San Diego. He is founder of the nonprofit San Diego Folk and Adams Avenue Roots Festivals. For many years he has hosted a Sunday night radio program on KSDS called "Jazz Roots." He has been interviewed many times by the San Diego papers, and is considered a walking musical encyclopedia who does archival work, and has been actively promoting folk music in various forms for years. Please visit his website at: www.folkartsrarerecords.com.

'71 Sam McLarty

Sam has been collecting surfboards for fifteen years. Some of his collection is featured in his restaurant "Taco Surf". His collection has been recognized on Channel 8 and San Diego Magazine.

http://www.surfshot.com/items/magazine_item.html?context_id=227&item_id=240 (restaurant)

http://www.kfmb.com/features/larry_himmel/story.php?id=33387 (channel 8)

http://www.sandiegomag.com/issues/jan06/featurea0106.asp (San Diego Magazine)

'59 Jerry Overton

Jerry, along with big Les Matthews, led the Mariners to many victory's in football and basketball, both achieved the distinction of being named to the all SCIF teams in both sports Southern Calif.  Interscholastic Assoc.

Jerry, graduated from university of Utah, in 1962, and was selected to many all American teams as a running back, that was the last year the "college all-stars played the champions of the NFL. Jerry was selected to play in this game.

Jerry was drafted by the newest team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. That first team also featured Dick Butkus (who some consider the finest ever). Jerry’s first year with Dallas he returned a punt for a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers. The next winter Jerry broke his leg in a snow skiing accident and could never regain his old form.. so Jerry went into coaching, sometimes in the S.D. area schools.

'63 Jerry Tucker

In 1973 Lt. Jerry Tucker flew the Solo # 6 airplane for the World Famous Blue Angles. In 1974 Lt. Jerry Tucker was promoted to the Lead Solo # 5 aircraft. He is now retired and lives in Bonita Calif. and plays a mean game of golf.

'65 Byron Shewman

President and founder of Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA.  Website www.starlings.org
Read related biography. Shewman


'73 Emo Coleman

After leaving M.V. in Dec.1972, he joined the Ironworkers Local 627. In June of 1974 he transferred to Ironworkers Local 229. In 1997 he was appointed the organizer for Local 229. Next on May 2002 he appointed Business Agent. In Sept. 2003 he was appointed to the head position of Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer. Ironworkers Local 229's jurisdiction covers all of San Diego-Imperial Counties, and parts of Orange/Riverside Counties.

'68 Ray Mounts

"I have been the head coach at Helix High School  for past two years, coaching track and field in some capacity since 1990. This year the boy's team became only the third H.S. in San Diego History to win the California State Track and Field Championship. League Champs 4 of last 5 years , San Diego CIF Champs '03, runner -up in "02 "00. El Camino H.S. was the last team to win in 1978, San Diego High won in it twice 1929 and tied in '30 , and won again 1938. Photo 1   photo 2

'57 Cal Rayborn Jr.

"Whenever there’s a discussion about who is America’s best road racer of all time, Cal Rayborn’s name inevitably is mentioned. Rayborn won 11 AMA nationals during his relatively short seven-year professional racing career. Ten of those victories came on road racing courses, making him easily the top American road racer of his era. Rayborn’s fame spread to Europe in 1972 when he rode a Harley-Davidson XR750 in the popular Transatlantic Match Races and won three of the six races to tie as top scorer in the series. Rayborn’s performance proved once and for all that Americans could road race."
See the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame for the complete article/bio: 

'98 Jorge Isaac Garci  Jorge plays in a punk band by the name of 3RDNLONG he is the singer/song writer/and guitar player for this band, they are currently signed to SPROCKET records in southern Texas and they have toured the east coast of the united states. Have play major events like the valley palooza were they shared the stage with acts like UNLOCO (maverick rec.),DYNAMITE BOY (fearless rec), Fat JOE(RAPPER), Ataris (mca records), 3RDNLONG has 2 albums available and have 2 videos recorded that have aired on much music! If you don't remember Jorge he graduated in 1998 and he was the goalie, capt, for our mariners! his nick name was "CHOCHA" with his soccer teammates! 3rdnlong's web page www.angelfire.com/stars3/3nl email info for gigs solong0529@yahoo.com also email that same email for any info about this submission I'm his manager Felix! thank you!
'92 Rooz Bahjat  I am proud to announce that since my graduation from Mar Vista High 92, I have had the privilege to serve the Iraqi-opposition to Saddam Hussein.

From 2000 - 2001 I was the Director General of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Public Relations Office. From 2001 - Present, I'm the Deputy Director if the Information and Public Relations in the Prime Minister's Special Bureau. I'm also the Prime Minister's Assistant on Media affairs.

I'm currently working on a book, that is the result of 3 years of independent research in Iraqi-Kurdistan, titled: The Kurdish-Talaba: Islamic Fundamentalism as Proxy Destabilization Surrages in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

'58 Bruce Osterberg  Bruce was the first consultant certified by the Intel Corporation.  It meant that Intel vouched for his ability to design applications for their new single chip computer dubbed the MC4.  That was in 1971 and Intel has certified thousands of engineers since, but Bruce was the first.

Among Bruce’s other pioneering achievements, was the first computer-controlled printer, the first computer controlled mechanical slot machine and routing devices for the first credit card network.  Even the familiar magnetic stripe on credit cards and paper passenger tickets bears his imprint.  In 1964, he designed and installed the world’s first automatic fare collection system using magnetic cards.

Bruce is retired and living in Escondid.

'60 Frank Estrada  Frank was the lead singer of a rock n band in Mexico called the Rocking Devils. He did 3 movies and  received 5 Golden Records, and 3 Silver Records in his Career as a singer.
'88 Margarita Salazar  Margarita 'Margie' Salazar  is the first Mariner to serve as a White House Intern. She is working for the White House Office of Media Affairs Office during the Winter of 2002.
'94 Tony Hernandez  Tony will be on the syndicated version of the Weakest Link. It will on channel 7 at 3:00 PM, on January 17, 2002,
'05 Kara Chavez  Kara was a famous model appearing in several commercials and was a an extra when he was just 4 years old in the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, He now models for Ken Dorfman Inc. in Hollywood, You might have also seen him in a recent 7up commercials that appeared on the last super bowl. He also appeared in Dennis the Menace as Dennis the menace friend. All though he is a very quiet person Kara is going to have a great future.
'90 Fred Olande  Fred was a professional skateboarder from 91-94 competing in competition with such greats as Tony Hawk. He did several commercials and appeared in several Nikelodeon shows and traveled to almost 20 countries. He now works in Sales as a Sales manager.
'93 Coreena Mulloy  Miss Imperial Beach, 1994, Charger Girl , 1999 -2000. Now a budding Country singer.
Home Page:

'96 Angie Ramirez  Angie is currently a Charger Girl in her rookie season (2001)
'92 Becky Robinson  Becky was a Charger Girl for the 1997 season.
'88 Trishaa Crockett  Trisha was a Charger Girl for the 1996 and 1997 seasons.
'54 Hugh Ord  Hugh is among the best slow pitch softball players in the nation. He is so good that people pay him to travel all over the country to play in tournaments. He was seen at a tournament in Virginia and he was said to be awesome. He went something like 20 for 24 with about 10 home runs. It is said he does this type of performance on a regular basis. He was, of course, the player of the tournament. He hits the ball out of parks that stifle players in their twenties. He might be in the slow pitch hall of fame..
'69 Tony Padilla  Tony was elected president of city of San Diego American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees, Local 127. He represents City Employees in San Diego & Coronado.
'69 Evie Avinante  Evie is an Interior Architectural Designer. Her work has been featured in San Diego Home Garden Lifestyles  Magazine and on television. This past year, Evie completed work on San Francisco State University's "Centennial Square." It consisted of seven mid-rise student apartments (474 
of them!) a new multi-level Student Services Center, three levels of subterranean parking, six retail spaces and a variety of community meeting halls and support offices. It just won a national award for student housing design. 

And as notable past clients, she did Col. Frank Borman's custom home in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is one of the original Gemini 7 astronauts, who went to the moon. And locally, she did professional baseball player, Roberto Alomar's vacation house in Del Mar, California------and flew to Maui, just to buy the artwork! 

'75 Frank Urtasun  Frank still lives in IB and has been on the SD Port Commission for close to 10 years, and is currently the Chairman. This is his second term as the Chairman of one of the most powerful organizations in the greater San Diego area. (2/1/01)


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Famous Page Narrative

WHAT IT'S NOT:  I respect, applaud, and hold in high esteem those many "every day heroes" in our Mariner community.  To the mom who sacrificed her dreams and ambitions to devote her total "being" to raising and caring for her number one priority, her family.... to the dad who worked hard all his life to provide for his family, with the hope his children might have a better life...  to the many volunteers who give of their time and resources for good causes... and to the many other honest, law abiding, good Mariner citizens who lead their lives in virtual anonymity..  I salute you.

WHAT IT IS:  But this page was not meant to honor those many heroes, nor is is meant to glorify the Mariners listed above.  It is less seriously devoted to providing you with interesting, little known information relating to the unusual occupations, achievements and fame, however local it may be, of some of your classmates.  I'm sure you, and the school, will take pride from the successes of our classmates, I know I do.  - Henry Vargas

SUBMISSIONS: Please make sure of your facts, we wouldn't want to embarrass anybody.  Include in your submissions, the School name and Class Year.  There are no other qualifications.. your judgement is good enough for me.   Email additions, deletions, corrections and suggestions ( or critiques) to:   mva-alumni@cox.net