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Allen, Bette CVHS '82
Oxnard, CA
I am now divorced, I have 3 sons, Erich 18, Daniel 15, Brandon 5yrs. I now live in Ventura County, but I still miss IB. Feel free to email if you remember me.

  Duffy, Donna Lou
Oceanside, CA
Friend of many Mariners.. and married one, although now divorced.
    Dunn, Laurie
Kyle, TX
I graduated from Bonita in 1987 and my high school sweetheart graduated from Mar Vista in 1989.


Ellefson, Stan
Chesapeake, VA
I attended S.W. Junior High, and found many of the people that I had gone to school with, had gone on to attend MVH. My Dad was in the Navy, and I ended up graduating H.S. in Rota, Spain, on the Navy Base.
    Glasgow, Linda
Bowie, TX
Left California after the 8th grade. Found this web site now I am trying to locate old friends. If any are still around email me.
    Gustafson, Peggy
Northridge, CA
I am a friend of you Mariners, especially the Class of Sixty, and I have attended several of their affairs.
    Hanna, Dean
Chandler, AZ
Many family members went to MV. Was the first Class of '60 Website Webmaster.
    Howard, Dawn
Jerseyville, IL


  Kelly, Sharon
San Jose, CA
Wife of John Kelly, Class of '60 and MV supporter. Charter Member of Website.
    Lowe, Lori
Woodland, CA
I graduated from MV Jr. High in '72 - moved back to Texas and returned to Northern California in 1975. Two kids, 18 and 5, one grandson. 
    Nixon, Kevin
Alpine, CA
Married to Barbara Marshall, '61. Went to school in IB through the 7th grade. A Mariner at heart.
    Reeder, Brandi
Culver City, CA
Went to Mar Vista Middle in '90, I graduated from there and then moved to Los Angeles. I am now married and have two girls. I had alot of friends in middle school who went on to the High school.
    Sherbine, Kimberly
Jamestown, NY
Daughter of John Lockwood, and Class of '62 Website helper.
    Silva, Jesse
Chandler, AZ
Went to Marian High school and graduated in 1970. Parents still live next to MVHS which is how I got involved with a lot of people from there. 


Thomas, Ron
Raleigh, NC
Married to Janet McLeod, '60. Friends with many Mariners during school days.
    Waddell, Mark
Del Mar, CA
Lived in and or around I.B. during school days.. hung around with many MV freinds.
    Wilcox, Gidge
I'm the mother of Scott Wilcox, Class of 1992 and friend of many other Mariners. 
    Zimmerle, Eve

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