Ron Osterberg ‘54

When Betty Wood left, I lost part of a summer – 1958. I rode with Betty to San Diego State where we took summer courses. I was recently discharged and Betty had gone to Cal Berkeley. I had always liked Betty. I think everyone did, but I liked her better after our twice-daily half hour-long conversations.

By being herself, she helped me gracefully ease back into a life that wasn’t all male. We talked about the things we talked about in high school with the added maturity of four years. Our lives had broadened. We talked about our choices of majors, how girls were more attracted to smart boys than in high school and how many once important things no longer were.

We talked about what happened to Alan Goycochea who joined the army in our junior year and had recently become a commissioned officer. Betty and Alan had gone steady in Junior High. She mentioned that she had recently taken an interest in Ed Cuen. I think her words were: “The more I see him, the more I like him.”

I didn’t see Betty after that summer. It is my loss.

Ronnie Osterberg ‘54