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Ackerman, Verna
Santee, CA
I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I have lived in Denver and Virginia and Spain but there is no place like San Diego. I am happily married to a guy I met in 1975 but didn't marry until 1993 - better late than never.


Adam, Ken DECEASED 2015
    Aimalefoa, Gail
Tacoma, WA
Mental Health Administrator (ret.) due to a stroke, 7 kids 15 grandchildren, living in Tacoma Washington, missing the beach. My husband is fisherman in Dutch Harbor Alaska.
    Alexander, David
Denver, CO

Andrelchik, John
Murrieta, CA
 Although I'm 110 miles away, still an IB resident at heart. 

Arboleda, Juliet
La Mesa, CA
Married Jim, divorced Jim, now re-married with 2 sons, ages 23 and 24. Have a national/international training and consulting business.

Auguletto, Mark
Apopka, FL
I married Vicky Bryan. Vicky and my-self have been married 35 years...and now have 6 grand children...3 girls and 3 boys (all cute as can be !)


Baker, Johnny
Imperial Beach, CA

Barnes, Rosie
Bremerton, WA
Married and living in WA since 2000 with my sweetie Dave. Have a 26 yr old son. Was a SD County social worker and am now retired and living happily on Puget Sound.

Boguta, Karen
Escondido, CA

Brooks, Ronald
Bentwood, CA
(incomplete email address..wtg)
I really don't know who might remember me, but right after 
high school I joined the army for 4 years. then worked for the post office for the rest of the time. I have been married for 18 years, and have three children.

Bradford, Elaine
Aurora, CO
Married & living in Denver.

Bryan, Vicky
Apopka, FL
I was a quiet strawberry blonde? Always with Mark Auguletto. Still am!! Mark and I had met at Midway Baptist Church in I.B. before it moved to suicide hill. That was in 72. Been together ever since. 

Buttelman, Tim
Brooksville, FL
Married in 1983 and had 3 daughters and a step daughter. Divorced in 1990, Retired from the navy in 1996. In 1999 met a wonderful woman named Mia, and re-married in June. Mia has 7 children of her own.


Chambers, Mike
Escondido, CA
Married with 2 kids Mike Jr. and Bethany, ages 23 and 18. Divorced and later met Sandy, we've been happily married for 6 years. My wife works for Kaiser Permante and I am the Facilities Manager/Project at SDSU. 

Chappell, Ray
Dobson, NC
Work for DLP Texas Instruments #96 Chevy owned by Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach , Body Shop Foreman

Claunch, Sandi
Athens, TX
Married  for 19 years.. 2 great kids, and two grandsons, My husband and I are into 18 wheelers..hey don't laugh, it's a great living. and believe it or not I can even drive one and love it. So I do travel the countryside.



Copley, Joe
Imperial Beach, CA
I'm coming up on 30 years with the U.S Coast Guard here in San Diego, I am married with one child.



Cress, Connie

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