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Ernie Leano ‘72 |
50 year reunion coming up this October. Looking forward to seeing faces from the past. Remembering the Senior lawn, soy burgers, grad night Disneyland, sneaking out of Mr. Noble’s electronics class to get donuts for the guys. Driving my ‘67 Camaro to school. Fun times!
Tuesday June 28, 2022 18:35 - San Diego, CA

webmaster 60 |
I finally quit holding this thing down while I'm trying to repair it.

I've still got to repair those damn chat boards. That's what has been the hold up.

Thursday June 23, 2022 20:14 - Imperial Beach, CA

test good
Thursday February 10, 2022 00:56 - Imperial Beach, CA

Trell Garman, ‘62 |
Reaching out to the Class of 1962. Our 60th reunion is being planned for September 22, 2022.
For more information, email me at

And thank you, Henry for getting this website up again!
Thursday February 10, 2022 00:29

Virginia Foster class of 74 |
Glad this site is back!! Thank you - Thank you, Henry!!

Some things show '404' not found like class Index --- but the main thing is the board is back!!

Can't believe it's 2022 --- No one thought I'd make it to 20 and here I am getting senior discounts LOL!!!!
Wednesday February 9, 2022 02:18 - Belly button of Florida

Sorry for the website being down due to some a-hole hacker.

I'm trying to restore it, but it will take some time. Hang in there.
Friday February 4, 2022 23:18 - Imperial Beach, CA

Lynn McCurdy Robinson, Class of 1967 |
So glad the website hasn’t been completely killed. Good job getting it up and running again Henry.

For those that are curious, the Class of 1967 will be holding its 55th HS Reunion on August 20-21, 2022.

The particulars will be posted soon. Invitations will go out April. There will be a Dinner-Dance and Brunch…get you dancing feet on. Both venues will be in Imperial Beach and it will be Casual.

For more info, contact me at
Friday February 4, 2022 22:45 - Imperial Beach, CA

1968 |
Thanks for re-booting the website. I was getting a little concerned. Was missing being able to connect with old MV classmates and friends. Thank you once more.
Tuesday February 1, 2022 01:54 - Brighton, CO