Ms Alice Rae Stacy - Teacher MVHS

If we took a poll for favorite teacher, chances are Miss Stacy wouldn't come out on top. Because when you think of "school teacher" she doesn't fit the mold.  Yet, her name keeps popping up on this website as one of the most memorable teachers at Mar Vista (she started in the early '70's.

This young lady draws a swoon from the fellows and sighs of respect from the girls.  Formally a model, she teaches Creative Writing, Science Fiction and is an accomplished artist/painter. She is reportedly tough but fair.  She loves animals, motorcycles and having a good time... from all accounts, she has charisma with an "edge". 

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A legend and a wonderful teacher! She is still teaching at Mar Vista - stop by and say "Hello" to her and let her know I said "Hi".....  - Rorbert Phillips '76

I had her for creative writing, and I TA'ed for her too. She had her act together, did a lot with her life before and during her teaching career. I had a lot of respect for her. She did it her way, didn't care what anyone said about it. Which is unusual for a woman, then and now. - Lisa '81

I am glad to see that I am not the only Ms. Stacy fan. Say what you will about her dressing and dating habits. She is a great teacher. If all the other teachers let students know that you are expected to hand in neatly written homework, double spaced or typed, I am sure students would respond to the higher standards and meet them. She was very fair and pulled no punches. I wish more teachers had been as demanding during my time at MVHS. Her classes (I took TWO!) were the only ones I got an "A" in with the exception of P.E and Crafts class during my time at MVHS. The rest of the classes I simply didn't try at due to boredom. - Anonymous

Regarding High School Crush:  Had to be Miss Stacy (yes, the teacher!) What a BABE!
 - Anonymous

The only assignments I ever made an effort to do really well pertained to Ms. Stacy's class... creative writing. I just felt like she was paying attention...she had a lot of respect for her kids, and I think that's why, even now, she gets a lot of respect. - Lisa '81

Regarding High School Crush:   I once snuck some bubble bath (bath oil & beads) to Ms. Stacey as a Xmas gift! Had to hide it in my backpack (way before backpacks were considered cool, by the way!) from my school chums...I would have NEVER been able to admit to my infatuation to those bunch of clowns! She was very mysterious and intriguing...probably is still! - Anonymous

A message from Ms Stacy

How nice to know so many of you remember me. How wonderful to see gratifying results of my commitment to your futures: You've become adults with kind hearts, open minds, and -- lest we forget - good grammar!

I'm currently working half-time, a prelude to full retirement, and still enjoying sharing with "my kids" some of the world's literary wonders. Each new group of students renews for me the freshness and emotional effect of every poem and piece of history. 

As I sneak up on my little-ol'-ladyhood, I've traded a couple of my previous interests for the excitement of travel and a love of gardening - creating visual beauty amid which I can visit with friends and family, and dabble in the arts.

I am visited frequently by "old" students - in person or by mail. And I bump into you in banks, print shops, eateries, racetracks, airports, etc. You're everywhere!

May your careers make you feel you've spent your life doing something worthwhile. Ms. Stacy

P.S. One previous student I recently spoke with told me there had been news of my demise. To set the record straight, I borrow from Mark Twain: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

-Ms. Stacy  June 07, 2001